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Wheel Balance - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
the handlebar clamp bolts and lockwashers
(4 ea), and take o f f the clamps.
A. Handlebar
B. Clamps
C. Clamp Bolts
the steering stem head bolt and head clamp
bolt, and back out the steering stem locknut using
the stem nut wrench special tool) 1 or 2 turns until
i t turns without drag.
NOTE: Do not back out the steering stem locknut
more than a couple o f turns. I f the locknut
o f f too far, the bearing balls in the steering stem may
fall out o f place.
This will necessitate steering stem
removal and installation.
Stem Nut Wrench (57001-1 100)
0. Stem Head Bolt
C. Head Clamp Bolt
D. Stem Locknut
the stem locknut to 3.0 kg-m (22 ft-lbs) o f
NOTE: I f a suitable torclue wrench i s not available,
tighten the steering stem 'locknut lightly (until it just
becomes hard to'turn), and then continue for another
A. Stem Nut Wrench (57001-1 100)
B. Another 1/16 Turn
the steering stem head bolt t o 4.5 kg-m (33
ft-lbs) o f torque.
the steering stem head rear clamp bolt to 1.8
kg-m (1 3.0 ft-lbs) o f torque.
the front fork upper clamp bolts (2) t o 1.8
kg-m (1 3.0 ft-lbs) of torque.
the steering again. If the steering is too tight or
too loose in spite of correct adjustment, inspect the
steering stem parts according t o the maintenance sec-
tion (Pg. 206).
the handlebar referring to the handlebar installa-
tion section.
.Remount the fuel tank (Pg. 47).
To improve stability and decrease vibration at high
speed, the front and rear wheels must be kept balanced.
Check and balance the wheels when required, or
when a tire is replaced with a new one:
.Remove the wheel (Pg. 1 15 or 123).
that the wheel is not damaged.
.Suspend the wheel so that i t can be spun freely.
the wheel lightly, and mark the wheel at the top
when the wheel stops.
111 6 turn (about 20" &el)
from that point.
A. Mark


Table of Contents

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