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Idling Adjustment; Fine Synchronization-vacuum - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
(2)ldle mixture adjustment
all carburetors, turn in the pilot air screw o f each
carburetor until i t seats lightly, and then back i t out
A. Pulley Stop Screw
C. Carburetor Bore
B. Locknut
the carburetors (Pg. 50), and adjust the play in
the throttle cables (Pg.
A. Pilot Air Screws
Idling Adjustment:
(1) Idle speed adiustment
.Start the engine, and warm i t up thoroughly.
idle speed to 1,000- 1 ,I 00 rpm by turning the
idle adjusting screw.
Idle Adjusting Screw
and close the throttle a few times to make sure
that the idle speed does not change.
Readjust i f
NOTE: With the engine idling, turn the handlebar to
either side. I f handlebar movement changes idle speed,
the throttle cables may be improperly adjusted or in-
correctly routed, or they may be damaged.
Operation with improperly adjusted, in-
correctly routed, or damaged cables could
result in an unsafe riding condition.
*Perform the idle speed adjustment.
NOTE: I f proper idle speed cannot be obtained by
this adjustment above, first check the following and
correct a s necessary.
Engine Oil
Spark Plugs
Ignition Timing
Throttle Cables
Cylinder Compression
Air Cleaner Element
Air Cleaner Duct and Carburetor Holder Leakage
Camshaft Chain
Valve Clearance
Fine Synchronization-Vacuum:
of carburetor synchronization,
necessary for smooth engine operation, requires the use
of vacuum gauges.
A difference between left two
cylinders and right two cylinders might be found from
exhaust noise and exhaust pressure; but to synchronize
each carburetor, using vacuum gauges is essential.
NOTE: During carburetor synchronization, the fuel
tank will be removed. In most cases, i t will be necessary
to temporarily replace the standard fuel lines with lines
long enough to reach the fuel tank while i t is located on
your workbench.
Use extreme caution when working with
gasoline, open fuel lines, etc. to avoid a
fire or explosion.
.Start the engine, and warm i t up thoroughly.
.Perform idling adjustment.
the rubber caps from the vacuum gauge
attachments on the carburetor holder.


Table of Contents

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