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Steering; Brake Line Damage - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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206 M A I N T E N A N C E - C H A S S I S
the reservoir cap off, slowly pump the brake lever
or pedal several times until no air bubbles can be seen
rising up through the fluid from the holes at the
bottom of the reservoir. This bleeds the air from the
master cylinder end of the line.
the reservoir cap, and connect a clear plastic
hose to the bleed valve at the caliper, running the other
end o f the hose into a container. Pump the brake lever
or pedal a few times until it becomes hard and then,
holding the lever squeezed or the pedal pushed down,
quickly open (turn counterclockwise) and close the
bleed valve. Then release the lever or pedal. Repeat
this operation until no more air can be seen coming out
into the plastic hose. Check the fluid level in the res-
ervoir every so often, replenishing i t as necessary.
a dual disc brake i s used, repeat the previous step
one more time for the other side.
air bleeding is finished, install the rubber cap(s)
on the bleed valve, and check that the brake fluid i s
filled t o the upper level line marked in the reservoir
(handlebar turned so that the reservoir
A. Front Master Cylinder
B. Upper Level Line
A. Rear Master Cylinder
B. Upper Level Line
Brake line damage
The high pressure inside the brake line can cause
fluid t o leak or the hose to burst if the line i s not
properly maintained.
Bend and twist the rubber hose while examining it.
Replace i t if any cracks or bulges are noticed.
The steering stem supports the handlebar and front
fork legs, and turns inside the frame head pipe.
bearings in the upper and lower ends o f the head pipe
enable the steering stem to turn smoothly and easily.
The steering stem itself does not wear, but i t may
become bent.
I f i t becomes bent, the steering will be
stiff, and the bearings may become damaged.
The steering stem will require periodic adjustment
as it becomes loose due t o bearing wear. Overtighten-
ing during adjustment, however, will make the steering
stiff and cause accelerated bearing wear. Lack o f proper
lubrication will also bring about the same results.
From overtightening or from a heavy shock to the
steering stem, the bearing race surfaces may become
dented. Damaged bearing races will cause the handlebar
to jerk or catch when turned.
1. Stem Head Bolt
Steering Stem
Fiat Washer
10. Stem Base
Stem Locknut
Steel Ball
Upper Inner Race
1 2. Head Clamp Bolt
5. Steel Ball
13. Stem Cap
Upper Outer Race
14. Lower Outer Race
Stem Head
15. Lower Inner Race
Frame Head Pipe


Table of Contents

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