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Grease Seal; Axle; Wheel Bearing - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Rim Runout
1. Radial Runout
Axial Runout
Rim damage
Carefully inspect the wheel for small cracks, dents,
bents, or warp.
I f there is any damage t o the wheel,
it must be replaced.
Never attempt to repair a damaged wheel.
If there is any damage besides wheel bear-
ings, the wheel must be replaced to insure safe opera-
tional condition.
A bent axle causes vibration, poor handling, and
T o measure axle runout, remove the axle, place i t in
V blocks that are
100 m m apart, and set a dial gauge
t o the axle at a point halfway between the blocks. Turn
the axle to measure the runout. The amount o f runout
is the amount o f dial variation.
I f runout exceeds the service limit, straighten the
axle or replace it. I f the axle cannot be straightened to
within tolerance, or i f runout exceeds repair limit, re-
place the axle.
Axle Runout
Table J5
Axle Runout/100 m m
Servicc L i m i t
Rcpair Limit
Grease Seal
A grease seal is fitted in the speedometer gedr
housing, i n the right side of the front and rear hubs,
and i n the rear wheel coupling. Each grease seal is a
rubber ring equipped with a steel band on its outer
The grease seal inner lip is held against
the axle collar by a wire spring band. Since the grease
seal n o t only seals in the wheel bearing grease b u t also
keeps dirt and moisture from entering the hub, the use
o f a damaged grcase seal will cause the wheel bearing t o
wear quickly.
Grease Seal
1. Secondary Lip
Spring Band
Steel Band
4. Primary L i p
I f the grease seals are examined without removing the
seals themselves, look for discoloration (indicating the
rubber has deteriorated), hardening, damage t o the
internal ribbing, or other damage. If the seal or internal
ribbing has hardened, the clearance between the seal
and the axle sleeve will not be taken up, which will
allow dirt and moisture to enter and reach the bearing.
I f i n doubt as to its condition and whenever the seal is
removed for greasing the bearing, the seal should be
replaced. The seals are generally damaged upon removal.
Wheel Bearing
A wheel bearing is fitted in both sides o f each hub.
Since worn wheel bearings will cause play i n the wheel,
vibration, and instability, they should be cleaned, in-
spected, and greasc periodically.
lnspection and lubrication
Since the wheel bearings are made to extremely close
tolerances, the clearance cannot normally be measured.
Wash the bearing with a high flash-point solvent, dry it
(do n o t spin it while it i s dry), and oil it. Spin
i t
hand t o check its condition. I f i t is noisy, does n o t spin
smoothly, or has any rough spots, i t must be replaced.


Table of Contents

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