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Gear Backlash; Shift Fork Bending; Shift Fork/gear Groove Wear - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Gear backlash
Split the crankcase.
Leaving the transmission in
place, measure the backlash between gears 0 1 and D l ,
0 2 and D2, 0 3 and D3, 0 4 and D4, 0 5 and D5, 0 6
and D6.
T o measure the backlash, set a dial gauge
against the teeth on one gear. Then move the gear back
and forth while holding the other gear steady.
difference between the highest and the lowest gauge
reading i s the amount o f backlash. Replace both gears
if the amount o f backlash exceeds the service limit.
A. Pawl Spring
C. Return Spring
B. Shift Pawls
Measure the free length o f the shift drum positioning
pin spring. I f
i s shorter than the service limit, replace
w i t h a new one.
A. Dial Gauge
B. Move
C. Hold
Gear Backlash
A. Positioning Pin
B. Pin Spring
Table H56
Positioning Pin Spring Length
Service L i m i t
30.7 m m
Check to see i f the return spring pin is loose. I f it
is, remove it and apply a non-permanent locking agent
t o the threads, and then screw
back in.
Service L i m i t
0.25 m m
Shift fork bending
Visually inspect the shift forks, and replace any fork
that is bent.
A bent f o r k could cause difficulty in
shifting or allow the transmission t o jump o u t o f gear
when under power.
Shift fork/gear groove wear
Measure the thickness o f the ears o f each shift fork,
and measure the width o f the shift f o r k grooves on gears
D314, 05, and 06. I f the thickness o f a shift fork ear is
under the service limit, the shift fork must be replaced.
I f a gear shift f o r k groove i s worn over the service limit,
the gear must be replaced.
A. Return Spring Pin
A. Gear 'Shift Fork Grooves
B. Shift Fork


Table of Contents

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