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Valve Clearance - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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on the ignition switch and engine stop switch.
Start the engine and warm i t up thoroughly. Then,
direct the strobe light at the timing mark.
idle, the
4" F mark must be aligned with the
timing mark for correct low rpm ignition timing.
the timing is not correct, adjust i t by moving the
mounting plate.
A. Timing Mark
B. "1 4" F Mark
3,400 rpm or higher, the advanced timing marks
(a pair of lines) must be aligned with the timing mark
for correct high rpm ignition timing. I f the timing is
not correct, examine the timing advancer mechanism
for binding.
A. Timing Mark
B. Advanced Timing Marks
Table B3
Timing Advancing
move the strobe light lead to
plug lead, and check the ignition timing for #2 and
cylinders using the "2 3" F mark.
Adjust the
contact breaker point gap on the right, i f necessary.
the strobe light.
the contact breaker cover and gasket.
Valve and valve seat wear decreases valve clearance,
upsetting valve timing. I f valve clearance is left unadjust-
ed, the wear will eventually cause the valves to remain
partly open, which lowers performance, burns the valves
and valve seats, and may cause serious engine damage.
Valve clearance for each valve should be checked and,
i f incorrect, adjusted in accordance with the Periodic
Maintenance Chart (Pg. 10) and any time that clearance
may have been affected by disassembly.
When carrying out adjustment, be careful to adjust
within the specified clearance.
Adjusting to a larger
value will both disturb valve timing and cause engine
NOTE: Valve clearance must be checked when the
engine is cold.
To check the valve clearance:
.Remove the fuel tank (Pg. 47).
.Remove the ignition coils (Pg. 57).
the cylinder head cover bolts (24), and remove
the cylinder head cover.
the contact breaker cover.
a 17 mm wrench on the crankshaft, turn the
crankshaft so that the
4" T mark on the timing
advancer is aligned with the timing mark.
A. "1 4" T Mark
B. Timing Mark
two inlet valves ( # I and #3, or #2 and #4) at a
time, measure the clearance between the cam and the
valve lifter.
Table B4
Valve Clearance
0.10-0.20 mm
0.15-0.25 mm


Table of Contents

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