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Caliper Removal - Kawasaki KZ400 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Pad Installation:
*Remove the bleed valvc cap, attach
clear plastic hosc
t o the bleed valve, and run the othcr end o f the hosc
i n t o a container.
*Open (loosen) the valve slightly, push both pistons in
by hands as far as they will go using a worn pdd, and
then close (tighten) the valve.
any spilled
fluid, dnd recap the bleed valvc. The blced valve must
be tightened t o
in-lbs) o f torque.
A. Spring
B. Pin
*Insert the clips through the pins on the right side o f
the right pad.
the pad cover.
*Since w r n c brdke f l u i d wds lost when the blced valve
wns opened, check the fluid level in the master cyl-
inder m d bleed the air from the brdkc systcni (Pg.
20 5).
*Push the bleed valvc cap o n t o the valve.
A. Bleed Valve
B. Worn Pad
C. Hose
Do not lever the pistons with a screw-
driver against the disc. This can damage
or warp the disc.
*Insert one o f the pins through the outer wall o f the
caliper, the pads, and i n t o the inner wall o f the caliper.
NOTE: Hold the pin by the end w i t h the hole t o insert
DO not attempt to drive the motor-
cycle until a full brake pedal is o b
tained by pumping the brake pedal until the pads are
against the disc.
The brakes will not function on the
first application of the pedal if this is not done.
Caliper Removal:
*Rcnio\c the rear wheel (Pg.
*If the callper
t o be disas~eniblcd, looser the caliper
Allen bol
t s
A. Pads
B. Pin
C. Hole
A. Allen Bolts
B. Rear Caliper
the anti-rattle springs.
Be sure that the end
o f each spring goes under the installed pin, nnd that
the top o f each spring rides on the pad.
*Remove the banjo bolt at the caliper, and temporarily
*Insert the other pin through caliper and pads pressing
secure the end o f the brake hose t o some place higher
down the free end o f ench 5pring so that the pin cnn
than the rear brnke reservoir t o prevent fluid loss.
pass over it.
There i s a flat washer on each side o f the hose fitting.


Table of Contents

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