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Dryer Care - Kenmore W10034970B User Instructions

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Use the dryer rack to dry items such as sweaters and pillows
without tumbling. The drum turns, but the rack does not move.
If your model does not have a dryer rack, you may be able to
purchase one. To find out whether your model allows dryer rack
usage and to obtain ordering information, please refer to the back
page of this manual or contact the dealer from whom you
purchased your dryer.
NOTE: You must remove dryer rack for normal tumbling. Do not
use automatic cycles with the dryer rack.
TUMBLE FREE™ Non-Heated Dryer Rack
Use with 29" (73.7 cm) wide dryers. Air circulates in a
concentrated pattern over and around clothes to allow efficient
and uniform drying.
TUMBLE FREE™ Heated Dryer Rack
Use with 27" (69 cm) wide dryers. Air circulates in a concentrated
pattern over, under and through clothes, significantly reducing
drying time.
To use the dryer rack:
1. 29" (73.7 cm) Wide Dryer
Slide rear pegs into the dimples on the back wall of the dryer.
Lower the front legs to rest on the dryer opening.
Cleaning the Dryer Location
Keep dryer area clear and free from items that would obstruct the
flow of combustion and ventilation air.
Explosion Hazard
Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as
gasoline, away from dryer.
Place dryer at least 18 inches (46 cm) above the floor
for a garage installation.
Failure to do so can result in death, explosion, or fire.
Dryer Rack Option
27" (69 cm) Wide Dryer
Do not remove lint screen. Slide dryer rack over the bottom of
the dryer door opening. Push down to secure it on the frame.
2. Put wet items on the rack. Leave space between items so air
can reach all surfaces. Do not allow items to hang over the
edge of the rack. Close the door.
3. Select cycle and temperature to match the fabrics in your
load. Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be dried
on a clothesline or by using an air cycle. Refer to the following
4. Start the dryer. Reset time to complete drying, if needed.
Washable wool items (block
to shape and lay flat on rack)
Stuffed toys or pillows (cotton
or polyester fiber filled)
Stuffed toys/pillows (foam
rubber filled)


Clean lint screen before each load. A screen blocked by lint can
increase drying time.
Do not run the dryer with the lint screen loose, damaged,
blocked, or missing. Doing so can cause overheating and
damage to both the dryer and fabrics.
If lint falls off the screen into the dryer during removal, check
the exhaust hood and remove the lint.
Every Load Cleaning
Style 1:
1. The lint screen is located on top of the dryer. Pull the lint
screen toward you. Roll lint off the screen with your fingers.
Do not rinse or wash screen to remove lint. Wet lint is hard to
2. Push the lint screen firmly back into place.
Rack Dry
(no heat)
Cleaning the Lint Screen
20 min.
20 min.
20 - 50