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Electrical Connection - EcoSmart ECO-6 Installation Instructions Manual

Electric tankless water heater
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● The Ecosmart electric tankless water heater unit must be installed to independent
double pole breakers.
● Each Ecosmart model comes supplied with the required wires for installation.
● Breaker size and wire gauge must meet all applicable local, state, provincial, and
national electrical codes for your area – these are only guidelines that will apply to
most installations.
● Some codes require use of electrical sub-panel for installation, especially when heater
is not mounted within line-of-sight of the main electrical panel. Wiring should be sized
to maintain a voltage drop of less than 3% under load.
● If your home is already equipped with a large number of electrical appliances, you may
require a larger electrical service than the one recommended.
● Check all wires to make sure that they are tightly fastened.
● Before turning the power on, the system must be flushed as required in the plumbing
● When the unit is powered up the green LED indicator light will turn ON and then OFF.
This is normal.
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