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KitchenAid Superba Series Installation Instructions Manual page 20

Undercounter dishwasher
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IMPORTANT: If wheels were removed, cover the floor when
moving the dishwasher. Slowly move dishwasher completely into
cabinet opening. Do not kink or pinch water line, drain hose,
power supply cord or direct wire between dishwasher and
cabinet. Remove cardboard from under dishwasher.
It is all right if dishwasher fits tightly into cabinet opening. Do
not remove insulation blanket – the blanket reduces the sound
If using power cord, make sure to route end through hole in
cutout before sliding dishwasher into cabinet opening.
For models with water softener, make sure that the drain hose
stays on the hanger that is on the right-hand side and is
tucked in on the side of the unit.
Align front of dishwasher door panel with front of cabinet doors.
You may need to adjust alignment to be even with your cabinets.
Check that leveling legs are firmly against the floor. Close and
latch the door, and place level against the front panel. Check that
dishwasher is centered from front to back in the opening. If
needed, adjust leveling leg until dishwasher is plumb. Repeat for
other side of dishwasher.
Helpful Tip: Push up on front of dishwasher to raise dishwasher
off the ground to adjust front legs. With some installations, it may
be easier to adjust the front leg using the ³⁄₁₆" hex-head socket or
adjustable wrench.
Place level against top front opening of tub. Check that
dishwasher is level from side-to-side. If dishwasher is not level,
adjust front legs up or down until dishwasher is level.



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