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KitchenAid Superba Series Installation Instructions Manual page 16

Undercounter dishwasher
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Using the template provided, attach it to the backside of the
custom panel with tape. Make sure that the center of the template
is aligned with the center of the wooden panel and top of the
template is aligned to the top face of the wooden panel.
NOTE: Do not drill deeper then ⁵⁄₈" (16 mm) to keep from drilling
through panel. Pilot hole depths given are for ³⁄₄" (19 mm) thick
Mark 4 pilot holes on the wooden panel using the template
provided. Predrill 4 pilot holes using a ³⁄₃₂" drill bit. Use tape to
mark the drill bit to gauge hole depth. Drill pilot holes
approximately ⁵⁄₈" (16 mm) into the custom panel.
Attach the 4 plastic studs to the wooden panel using the 4 short
hex-head (⁵⁄₁₆") screws provided.
Check custom tape alignment with metal door slots; verify tape is
right-side up, and that the tape does not overhang the metal door
on the top, bottom or side interfaces. Remove the backing from
the custom tape by pulling straight down on the liner. Align the
custom tape to the keyhole slots on the metal door (see image)
and apply. Repeat steps for one side and then the other.
NOTE: The adhesive on the tape is aggressive, so proper
alignment and attachment to the metal door needs to occur on
the first try.
Align the studs on the custom wood panel to the keyhole slots on
the door assembly. Ensure that all 4 plastic studs are engaged in
the keyhole slots. Slide wood panel down until the top surface of
the wooden panel is flush with the top of the door.



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