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Working With Detergents - Kärcher K 5000 G Operator's Manual

Karcher high pressure washer operator manual
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Detergents can only be applied at low pressure (-).
Step 1
Install the Vario spray wand and
set the Vario spray wand to the low pres-
sure setting (-) by turning the wand collar.
The wand must be set in the low pressure
(-) position to apply detergents.
Step 2
Fill a container with Karcher
detergent. Place the filter end of detergent
suction tube into the container.
Step 3
With the engine running, pull
trigger to operate unit: Liquid detergent is
drawn into the unit and mixed with water.
Apply detergent to work area. Do not allow
detergent to dry on surface.
For best results see Cleaning
Tips on pages 8 & 9 for specific
information on how to clean
different surfaces.
Always Use Karcher
Detergents for Best Results.
Karcher biodegradable detergents are
specially formulated to protect the environ-
ment and your pressure washer. Special
formula won't clog the suction tube filter
and will protect the internal parts of the
pressure washer for a longer life. For
Karcher Detergents, check your retailer
or call:
The following Karcher detergents are
• Vehicle Wash
• Degreaser
• All Purpose Cleaner
Never use:
• Bleach, Chlorine products and other
corrosive chemicals
• Liquids containing solvents
(i.e., paint thinners, gasoline, oils)
• Tri-sodium phosphate products
• Ammonia products
• Acid-based products
These chemicals will harm the unit and
will damage the surface being cleaned.
• House Wash
• Deck Wash

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