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Charge The Battery; Start Working; Interrupting The Work; Emptying The Reservoir During Opera - Kärcher WV 50 Operation Manual

Window cleaner.
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Charge the battery

Insert the charger delivered with the ap-
pliance into a proper socket.
Insert the charging cable plug to the
back of the appliance.
Note: During the charging process, the
charge/operating display blinks. Once the
battery is fully charged, it will be perma-
nently illuminated.
We recommend unplugging the charg-
ing plug and the charger after the
charging process is complete (after ap-
prox. 3 hours).
Recharge the battery after finishing
your work.

Start working

Apply conventional window cleaner to
cleaning area.
Switch the appliance on, the charge/op-
erations display will illuminate.
Pull the appliance from the top to the
bottom to vacuum up the cleaning solu-
tion residue.
Note: Hard to reach areas can be vacu-
umed vertically or horizontally (limited are-
If the battery is losing its performance, the
charge/operations display will begin to blink
slowly and the appliance will shut off after a
certain time. In this case, recharge the bat-
Switch the appliance off after each cleaned
surface. This will increase your operating
time per battery charge.

Interrupting the work

Set the appliance on the support leg
(parking position) and switch it off.
Emptying the reservoir during oper-
Once the max. fill level (mark) of the dirt
water reservoir is reached, please empty
the tank.
Turn off the appliance.
Pull off the lock of the dirt water reser-
voir and empty the tank.
Close the dirt water reservoir.



Table of Contents

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