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Explanation Of Symbols And Safety Information; Key To Symbols; Safety Information - Bosch Tronic 3000T Manual For Installation

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Table of Contents
Explanation of symbols and safety

Key to symbols

Warnings in this document are identified by a warning
triangle printed against a grey background.
Keywords at the start of a warning indicate the type and
seriousness of the ensuing risk if measures to prevent
the risk are not taken.
The following keywords are defined and can be used in this document:
• NOTICE indicates that damage to property may occur.
• CAUTION indicates that personal injury may occur.
• WARNING indicates that severe personal injury may occur.
• DANGER indicates that severe personal injury or death may occur.
Important information
This symbol indicates important information where
there is no risk to people or property.
Additional symbols
Step in an action sequence
Cross-reference to another part of the document
List entry
List entry (second level)
Table 1
Tronic 3000T

Explanation of symbols and safety information | 3


Safety information

When using electrical appliances, safety precautions to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons
should be followed, including:
▶ This water heater must be grounded. Connect only to properly
grounded outlet. See "GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS" found on
▶ Install or locate this water heater only in accordance with the
provided installation instructions.
▶ Use this water heater only for its intended use as described in this
▶ The models ES2.5 and ES4 come equipped with a power cord. Do
not use an extension cord. If no outlet is available adjacent to the
water heater, contact a qualified electrician to have one properly
installed near the heater. The model ES8 must be hard-wired. See
installation instructions.
▶ As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by
▶ Do not operate this water heater if it is has a damaged cord or plug, if
it is not working properly, or if it has been damaged or dropped.
▶ This water heater should be serviced only by qualified service
personnel. Contact a service person for examination, repair or
▶ Failure to inspect the anode rod at least once a year could cause the
tank to fail and leak. This condition is not covered under the
manufacturer's warranty.
▶ Any water heater should be installed in such a manner that if it should
leak, the resulting flow of water will not cause damage to the area in
which it is installed. National Plumbing codes require a drain pan for
any water heater installation. Failure to install one is the sole
responsibility of owner and/or installer. Reference UPC 2006
(Uniform Plumbing Code) Section 508.1, or IPC 2006 (International
Plumbing Code) Section 504.7.
The installer should review the contents of this manual
with the owner upon completion of installation, and the
manual should be left with the owner and placed in a
location close to the installation.
The manufacturer cannot be responsible for the
damages caused by improper installation or by failure to
follow instructions in this manual. Comply with the
installation instructions before completing electric
The thermostat has been pre-set at the factory at a
temperature equal or below 51.7 °C (125 °F) (
Fig. 1).
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Table of Contents

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