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Introduction; Codes; Alarm System Operation; Personal Attack - Honeywell Accenta User Manual

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Accenta/Optima User Guide


This User Guide tells you how to operate your intruder alarm system. To simplify this User Guide we have
assumed that the alarm system has been installed by a professional intruder alarm system installer (the in-
staller), and that the system is operated in a "typical" way. Aspects of your system that are not "typical" will be
described by your installer.
NOTE: If you have any questions about your intruder alarm system, then consult your installer, see contact
details at the front of this User Guide.


To operate the alarm system you will need to use a code. A code is 4 digits long, and can be any number from
0000 to 9999. By default user code 1 is [0][1][2][3] but you should change this as soon as possible.

Alarm System Operation

This booklet describes three versions of the alarm system. The Optima version has the keypad and indicators
on the main control panel. The Accenta version has the keypad and indicators on a small remote LCD or
LED keypad. You operate the alarm system by pressing buttons on the keypad and viewing the indicators.
Both alarm systems work the same way. Both Accenta and Optima systems can be fitted with an optional
remote keypad.

Personal Attack

If the installer has programmed personal attack on the keypads and if you are under threat, or are being
attacked, you can activate the alarm by pressing the 4 and 9 keys at the same time on any LED keypad. You
can also press the two keys marked PA on the remote LCD keypad. The alarm system will produce a loud
alarm sound, and the external siren will be turned on.

Fire Zones

Zones 7 and 8 on your alarm system may have a Fire or Smoke detector connected to it. In the event of a fire
the alarm system will produce a distinctive two-tone fire alarm sound, and the outside siren will pulse 2 sec-
onds on, 2 seconds off. You should leave the premises immediately, and only re-enter when it is safe to do so.
The alarm can be silenced by entering your code.

Power Indicator

The Power indicator on the control panel or keypad will light whenever the mains power supply is present. If
mains power fails then the Power indicator will go out, but the system will run from its backup battery for
several hours. If the Power indicator goes out when mains power is present then a fault may have developed
on your system and you should contact your installer.

Signalling Device

Your alarm system may have been fitted with a signalling device. This device uses the telephone line to send an
alarm message to an Alarm Receiving Centre in the event of an alarm. The operator at the ARC may request
the police to attend your premises.
User Guide tells
you how to operate
your intruder alarm

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