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Realone Player Settings - Nokia 3650 Support Manual

For realone player media streaming in nokia 3650 imaging phone
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First you need to define the access points to be used with Services (xHTML) and RealOne
Player. You can find more information about WAP Service settings in the User's Guide of
your phone.
Note: The necessary settings for RealOne Player configuration are available from
your Network Service Provider or from WAP Service Provider. Depending on your
Service Provider you may not need to fill in all of the settings. If your settings are
incomplete or incorrect, please contact your Service Provider.
To enter RealOne Player settings:
1. Open RealOne Player
2. From Options menu select Settings
In Video settings:
3. Video Quality: This selection effects video quality. When
selecting 'Sharp Image' RealOne Player uses more time for
video picture quality and video frame rate is reduced. When
selecting 'High Framerate' RealOne Player keeps the frame
rate as high as possible but video quality is less sharp.
Options are 'High framerate' and 'Sharp images'.
Note: Setting video quality to 'sharp images' may cause
that no video is shown at all. This happens because the
processor is running to its limit.
4. Automatic Scaling: Here you can enable or disable automatic video images resizing.
When resizing is turned on RealOne Player shrinks the video to fit to the screen, if the
original video resolution is too high. Options are 'On' and 'Off'.


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