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Introduction - Nokia 3650 Support Manual

For realone player media streaming in nokia 3650 imaging phone
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To obtain access to Real media streaming files
You must be within the coverage of a network which supports data calls,
A data service must be activated on your SIM card,
You must have obtained a WAP and Internet access point (IAP) from a service provider,
You must have entered the proper WAP and IAP settings to device, and
You must have entered the proper RealOne Player settings.
Note: If you are not within the coverage area of your home network, availability
may vary according to roaming agreements. For more information, contact your
network service provider.
Before you can use media streaming with the RealOne Player, you need to configure your
Internet access point settings. You can obtain the values for the IAP settings from Internet
service provider (ISP).
In order to use RealOne Player, any valid Internet access point can be used. Most operators
do not allow non-WAP traffic through their WAP gateways, so you should use operator's or
service provider's generic Internet access point for RealOne Player, not WAP access point.
WAP access point is needed when you are using Services (WAP browser in Nokia 3650
based to xHTML) and opening Real streaming media from WAP pages or from the Internet.
Your service provider may be able to send all, or some, of the required WAP and Internet
settings to you via a special short message called an Over The Air (OTA) message.
After you have received and saved the settings as default settings, you can use media
streaming with RealOne Player
Typical RealOne media files are video clips, music, music videos and radio stations' live


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