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Burners; Induced Draft And Circulator Blowers; Condensate Trap And Drain System (Qualified Servicer Only); Flame Sensor (Qualified Servicer Only) - Whirlpool Gold WGFD295 Installation Instructions Manual

80% 2-stage variable speed gas furnace
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To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical shock,
do not remove any internal compartment covers or
attempt any adjustment. Contact a qualified servicer at
once if an abnormal flame should develop.
Visually inspect the burner flames periodically during the heating
season. Turn on the furnace at the thermostat and allow several
minutes for flames to stabilize, since any dislodged dust will alter
the flames normal appearance. Flames should be stable, quiet,
soft and blue (dust may cause orange tips but they must not be
yellow). They should extend directly outward from the burners
without curling, floating or lifting off. Flames must not impinge on
the sides of the heat exchanger firing tubes.

Induced Draft and Circulator Blowers

The bearings in the induced draft blower and circulator blower
motors are permanently lubricated by the manufacturer. No
further lubrication is required. Check motor windings for
accumulation of dust which may cause overheating. Clean as
Condensate Trap and Drain System
(Qualified Servicer Only)
Annually inspect the drain tubes, drain trap and field-supplied
drain line for proper condensate drainage. Check drain system
for hose connection tightness, blockage and leaks. Clean or
repair as necessary.

Flame Sensor (Qualified Servicer Only)

Under some conditions, the fuel or air supply can create a nearly
invisible coating on the flame sensor. This coating acts as an
insulator causing a drop in the flame sense signal. If the flame
sense signal drops too low, the furnace will not sense flame and
will lock out. The flame sensor should be carefully cleaned by a
qualified servicer using emery cloth or steel wool. Following
cleaning, the flame sense signal should be as indicated in the
Specifications Sheet.

Flue Passages (Qualified Servicer Only)

The heat exchanger flue passageways should be inspected at the
beginning of each heating season. If necessary, clean the
passageways as outlined below.
1. Turn off the electrical power and gas supply to the furnace.
2. Disconnect the gas line and remove the burner/manifold
assembly by removing the screws securing the assembly to
the partition panel.
3. Disconnect the flue pipe system from the induced draft
4. Remove the induced draft blower and collector box cover.
5. Remove the recuperator coil front cover to expose the coil
tubes and turbulators.
6. Remove the recuperator coil turbulators individually by slowly
pulling each turbulator forward firmly.
7. Clean the recuperator coil tubes using a long handle wire
brush, such as a gun cleaning brush.
8. Clean the primary heat exchanger tubes using a wire brush
attached to a length of high grade stainless steel cable, such
as drain cleanout cable. Attach a variable speed reversible
drill to the other end of the cable. Slowly rotate the cable with
the drill and insert it into one of the heat exchanger tubes.
While reversing the drill, work the cable in and out several
times to obtain sufficient cleaning. Repeat for each tube.
9. Clean the residue from the furnace by using a vacuum
10. Replace the parts removed in the previous steps in reverse
11. Turn on electrical power and gas to furnace. Check for leaks
and proper unit operation.
12. Severe heat exchanger fouling is an indication of an
operational problem. Perform the checks listed in "Start-Up
Procedure and Adjustments" to reduce the chances of
repeated fouling.

Before Leaving an Installation

Cycle the furnace with the thermostat at least 3 times. Verify
cooling and fan only operation.
Review the Owner's Manual with the homeowner and discuss
proper furnace operation and maintenance.
Leave literature packet near furnace.

Repair and Replacement Parts

When ordering any of the listed functional parts, be sure to
provide the furnace model, manufacturing and serial numbers
with the order.
Although only functional parts are shown in the parts list, all sheet
metal parts, doors, etc., may be ordered by description.
Parts are available from your distributor.
Functional Parts List
Gas Control Valve
Gas Manifold
Natural Gas Orifice
Propane Gas Orifice
Flame sensor
Rollout Limit Switch
Primary Limit Switch
Auxiliary Limit Switch
Pressure Switch
Induced Draft Blower
Blower Motor
Blower Wheel
Blower Mounting Bracket
Blower Cutoff
Blower Housing
Heat Exchanger
Door Switch
Coil Front Cover
Integrated Control Module



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