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To Turn The Auto Light Switch On And Off; Hand Home Position Correction; To Adjust Home Positions; Reference - Casio 5146 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 5146 5425
About the Auto Light Switch
Turning on the auto light switch causes illumination to turn on, whenever you position
your wrist as described below in any mode.
Moving the watch to a position that is parallel to the ground and then tilting it
towards you more than 40 degrees causes illumination to turn on.
Wear the watch on the outside of your wrist.
Parallel to

Hand Home Position Correction

The speed, hour, and minute hands of the watch can be thrown off by exposure to
strong magnetism or impact. The watch is designed to correct speed, hour and minute
hand manually.

To adjust home positions

1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down
Speed hand
seconds until Sub fl ashes in the lower digital display.
This is the home position adjustment mode.
2. Check the position of the speed hand.
The speed hand is in the correct home position if it
is pointed at 50 (9 o'clock). If it isn't, use
the hand clockwise until it is.
After confi rming that the speed hand is in its correct
home position, press
Correct speed hand


This section contains more detailed and technical information about watch operation.
It also contains important precautions and notes about the various features and
functions of this watch.
Auto Return Features
If you leave the watch with a fl ashing setting on the display for two or three minutes
without performing any operation, the watch will exit the setting mode automatically.
The watch will return to the Timekeeping Mode automatically if you do not perform
any operation for two or three minutes in the Alarm Mode.
High-Speed Movement
buttons are used to change setting in various setting modes. In
most cases, holding down these buttons will start high-speed movement.
Illumination Precautions
Illumination may be diffi cult to see when viewed under direct sunlight.
Illumination turns off automatically whenever an alarm sounds.
Frequent use of illumination runs down the battery.
Auto light switch precautions
Avoid wearing the watch on the inside of your wrist. Doing so causes the auto light
switch to operate when it is not needed, which shortens battery life. If you want to
wear the watch on the inside of your wrist, turn off the auto light switch feature.
Illumination may not turn on if the face of the watch is
More than 15 degrees
more than 15 degrees above or below parallel. Make
too high
sure that the back of your hand is parallel to the
Illumination turns off in about 1.5 seconds or 3
seconds, even if you keep the watch pointed towards
your face.
Specifi cations
Accuracy at normal temperature:
15 seconds a month
Digital Timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, p.m. (P), month, day, day of the week
Time format: 12-hour and 24-hour
Calendar system: Full Auto-calendar pre-programmed from the year 2000 to 2099
Other: Home City code (can be assigned one of 48 city codes); Standard Time /
Daylight Saving Time (summer time)
Analog Timekeeping: Hour, minutes (hand moves every 20 seconds)
Measuring unit: 1/1000 seconds
Measuring capacity: 99:59'59.999"
Measuring accuracy: ±0.0006%
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, Lap time, Split time
Other: Speed
Always make sure you are in a safe place whenever you are reading the
display of the watch using the auto light switch. Be especially careful when
running or engaged in any other activity that can result in accident or injury.
Also take care that sudden illumination by the auto light switch does not
startle or distract others around you.
When you are wearing the watch, make sure that its auto light switch is turned
off before riding a bicycle or operating a motorcycle or any other motor
vehicle. Sudden and unintended operation of the auto light switch can create
a distraction, which can result in a traffi c accident and serious personal injury.
More than

To turn the auto light switch on and off

In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down
light switch on (auto light switch on indicator displayed) and off (auto light switch on
indicator not displayed).
The auto light switch on indicator remains in all modes while the auto light switch is
turned on.
In order to protect against running down the battery, the auto light switch will turn
off automatically approximately six hours after you turn it on. Repeat the above
procedure to turn the auto light switch back on if you want.
Hour and minute hands
for about three
minute hand positions
to move
Initial Screens
When you enter the Stopwatch Mode, World Time Mode or Alarm Mode, the data you
were viewing when you last exited the mode will appear fi rst.
Resetting the seconds to 00 while the current count is in the range of 30 to 59
causes the minutes to be increased by 1. In the range of 00 to 29, the seconds are
reset to 00 without changing the minutes.
The year can be set in the range of 2000 to 2099.
The watch's built-in full automatic calendar makes allowances for different month
lengths and leap years. Once you set the date, there should be no reason to
change it except when battery has replaced.
The current time for all city codes in the Timekeeping Mode and World Time Mode
is calculated in accordance with the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for each
city, based on your Home City time setting.
Static electricity or magnetic force can interfere with proper operation of the auto
light switch. If illumination does not turn on, try moving the watch back to the
starting position (parallel with the ground) and then tilt it back toward you again. If
this does not work, drop your arm all the way down so it hangs at your side, and
then bring it back up again.
Under certain conditions, illumination may not turn on until about one second after
you turn the face of the watch towards you. This does not necessarily indicate
malfunction of the auto light switch.
You may notice a very faint clicking sound coming from the watch when it is shaken
back and forth. This sound is caused by mechanical operation of the auto light
switch, and does not indicate a problem with the watch.
Countdown Timer:
World Time: 48 cities (29 time zones)
Alarms: Four daily alarms, one snooze alarm, Hourly Time Signal
Illumination: LED (light-emitting diode), Auto Light Switch; Selectable illumination
Battery: One lithium battery (Type: CR1220)
for about three seconds to toggle the auto
3. Check the positions of the hour and minute hands.
The hands are in the correct home positions if they
are pointed at 12 o'clock. If they aren't, use
(clockwise) and
their positions.
4. When everything is the way you want, press
return to regular timekeeping.
This will cause the hour and minute hands to move to
the current Timekeeping Mode time and the speed
hand to move to the 0 position.
here will return to the setting at the
Correct hour and
beginning of step 2.
Measuring unit: 1 second
Input range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments)
Other: Auto-repeat timing
Other: Daylight Saving Time/Standard Time, Home City/World Time City
Approximate Battery Life: 2 years on type CR1220
(10 seconds of alarm operation per day, one illumination operation (1.5 seconds)
per day)
(counterclockwise) to adjust


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