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Choosing A Focus Method; Shooting With The Af Lock Using Center Af - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P71 Service Manual

Digital still camera.
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Choosing a focus
Mode dial settings:
Multipoint AF
When you use Multipoint AF, it calculates
the distance in three places, in the center of
the image, and to both the left and right of
the center, you can shoot with the auto focus
function without being dependent on the
composition of the image. It is useful when
it is difficult to focus on the subject because
it is not in the center of the frame.
Center AF
You can focus automatically using the AF
range finder in the center of the frame.
Control button
MENU button
Mode dial
Shooting with the AF lock
using Center AF
If it is difficult to focus because the subject
is not in the center of the frame, you can
focus in this situation using the AF range
finder. For example, when you are shooting
two human subjects, and there is a gap
between them, the camera may focus on the
background visible in the gap. In a case like
this, use AF lock to ensure the subjects are
in correct focus.
• When you are using AF lock, you can capture
an image with the correct focus even if the
subject is at the edge of the frame.
a Turn the Mode dial to either
SCN, or
b Press the MENU button.
c Select "
" using b/B, select
using v/V.
The focus is adjusted automatically using
the AF range finder. The color of the range
finder frame changes from white to green.
Multipoint AF
Center AF
a Compose the shot so that the
subject is centered in the AF
range finder, and press the
shutter halfway down.
First, the focus for the subject you are
aiming at will be adjusted. When the
AE/AF lock indicator stops flashing
and stays lit, and there is a beeping
sound, focus adjustment is completed.
AF range finder
AE/AF lock
• When you are shooting movies (MPEG
MOVIE) and you choose Multipoint AF, the
distance to the center of the screen is estimated
as an average, so the AF works even with a
certain amount of vibration. The Center AF
automatically focuses only on the center of the
image, so it is convenient when you want to
focus only on what you aim at.
• When you use Digital zoom or AF illuminator,
priority AF movement is given to subjects in or
near the center of the frame. In this case, the AF
range finder isn't displayed.
b Return to the fully composed
shot, and press the shutter
down again.
When you hear a beeping sound, the
image will be recorded with the proper
focus for the human subjects.
• You can carry out the AF lock adjustment
process any number of times, as long as you do
it before you press the shutter.


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