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Troubleshooting - Fujitsu ART36AL(3)H Operating Manual

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Instructions relating to heating(*) are applicable only to "HEAT & COOL MODEL" (Reverse Cycle).
Before requesting service, perform the following checks:
Doesn't operate immedi-
Make noise:
Mist or steam are
Doesn't operate at all:
Poor Cooling (or *Heating)
In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), immediately stop operation, turn off the elec-
trical breaker, and consult authorized service personnel.
Always be sure to turn off the electrical breaker to ensure that power is completely off.
G If the unit is stopped and then immediately started again, the com-
pressor will not operate for about 3 minutes, in order to prevent
fuse blowouts.
G Whenever the power switch is turned off then on again, the pro-
tection circuit will operate for about 3 minutes, preventing unit
operation during that period.
G During operation and immediately after stopping the unit, you
may hear the sound of water flowing in the air conditioner's pip-
ing. Also, noise may be particularly noticeable for about 2 to 3
minutes after starting operation (This is the sound of coolant flow-
G During operation, you may hear a slight squeaking sound. This is
caused by minute expansion and contraction of the front cover
resulting from change in temperature.
G Some smell may be emitted from the indoor unit. This smell is
the result of room odors. (furniture, tobacco, etc.) which have
been taken into the air conditioner.
G During the Cooling operation, a thin mist may be seen emitted
from the indoor unit. This is a result of sudden cooling of room
air by the air emitted from the air conditioner, resulting in con-
densation and misting.
*G During Heating operation, the outdoor unit's fan may stop, and
steam may be seen rising from the unit. This is due to operation
of the defrosting mode.
G Has there been a power failure?
G Has a fuse blown out, or a circuit breaker been tripped?
G Is the main power switch set to the OFF position?
G Is the timer operating?
G Is the air filter dirty?
G Are the air conditioner's intake grille or outlet vents blocked?
G Did you adjust the room temperature settings (thermostat) cor-
G Is there a window or door open?
G During the cooling operation, is a window allowing bright sun-
light to enter? (Close the curtains.)
G During the cooling operation, is there a heat source operating
inside the room, or are there too many people in the room?
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