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Operating Tips - Fujitsu ART36AL(3)H Operating Manual

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Instructions relating to heating(*) are applicable only to "HEAT & COOL MODEL" (Reverse Cycle).
Operation and Performance
*Heating Performance
G This air conditioner uses a heat pump which absorbs
heat from outside air and brings it indoors. As a result,
its heating performance is reduced as the temperature
of outside air drops. If you find that insufficient room
heat is produced, we recommend that you use the air
conditioner together with other heating appliances.
G Heat-pump type air conditioners use warm-air
recirculation to warm your entire room. As a result, some
time will be required after starting operation until your
entire room becomes warm.
Outdoor Unit Fan Speed Control
G Depending on the outdoor temperature, the outdoor unit
automatically stops the fans or adjusts their speed.
Temperature and Humidity Range
Outdoor temperature
Indoor temperature
Indoor humidity
G If the air conditioner is operated under higher temperature conditions than those listed, the built-in protection circuit may
operate to prevent internal circuit damage. Also, during Cooling and Dry modes, if the unit is used under conditions of
lower temperatures than those listed above, the heat-exchanger may freeze, leading to water leakage and other damage.
G Do not use this unit for any purposes other than the Cooling, (*)Heating, Dehumidifying, and air-circulation of rooms in
ordinary dwellings.
(Reverse Cycle)
*Microcomputer-controlled Automatic Defrosting
G When the outside temperature is low and the humid-
ity high, frost will collect on the outside unit, reducing
heater efficiency. When this happens, the computer will
automatically start the defrost cycle. During the defrost
cycle, the indoor fan will shutdown and DEFROST will
be displayed on the remote controller. It will take any-
where from 4 to 15 minutes before the air conditioner
starts up again.
*When Indoor and Outdoor Temperatures are High
G When both indoor and outdoor temperatures are high
during use of the heating mode, the outdoor unit's fan
may stop at times.
Cooling Mode
About 0 to 52°C
About 21 to 52°C
About 0 to 52°C
About 0 to 52°C
About 18 to 32°C
About 80% or less
If the unit is used for long pe-
riods under high-humidity
conditions, condensation
may form on the surface of
the indoor unit, and drip onto
the floor or other objects un-
*Heating Mode
About -8 to 21°C
About -5 to 21°C
About 30°C or less



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