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Override/Resume Preset Program; Connections; Specifications - Everflourish EMT757 Instruction Manual

Everflourish programmable digital timer
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1.2 Maximum time for power off:
1.3 Minimum time for power on:
1.4 Maximum time for power on:
2. Connect the Timer to the AC socket and set the program to AUTO status in order to
start/stop the random function.
3. Press RND Button once to activate the random function. Power off period is from 26 to 42
minutes and power on period is from 10 to 26 minutes.
4. To disable random function, press RND button once again.
Random function will override the ON/OFF preset programs.
H. Override/Resume Preset Program
Press ON/OFF Button each time can override/resume the preset program, LCD changes the
display in the following sequence:
override the preset program and appliance remains on at all time
resume the preset program, appliance will be turned on and off automatically
according to the preset time
override the preset program and appliance remains off at all time
(a). The preset countdown or random functions only activates when the Timer is in AUTO
(b). When countdown function is activated, random and auto on/off program setting will not
(c). When random function is activated, countdown and auto on/off program setting will not
I. Connections
1. Preset your desired On/off programs on the Timer as mentioned above.
2. Switch off your electrical appliance
3. Connect your appliance's power cord to the Timer's socket, then connect the Timer to the
AC socket to get power
4. Switch on your appliance.
5. Appliance will then be turned on/off according to your preset programs unless manual
override pressed.
J. Safety Precaution
1. This Timer is for indoor use only, DO NOT use at outdoor.
2. Appliance to be plugged into the Timer must have the same voltage and frequency
ratings as in "Specification"
3. The batteries will be fully charged after connect to main power for 2 hours
K. Specifications
1. Current
2. Max. Power
3. IP Rating
4. Working Temperature: 0 - 25°C
5. Time Setting Interval: 1 Minute
42 minutes
10 minutes
26 minutes
: 230V~, 50Hz, 8A
: 2000W
: IP20

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