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JRC JFV-700 Installation Manual Page 35

Color echo sounder.
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Route the power/transducer cable through the clamp filter
The clamp filter used is ZCAT3035-1330 (for large diameter) from TDK Co.
(2) Cable Routing
Re-route the power cable and transducer cable so that they may not interfere with the
cable from an affected equipment.
Make sure that sufficient space is provided between these cables and the coaxial cable
from the radio equipment.
As VSWR of the radio equipment antenna is increased, its coaxial cable tends to pick
up more noise. Be sure to provide a skirt for the antenna of 27 MHz DSB radio
(3) Grounding Cable
Improper grounding can cause noise troubles. Make sure that the system is positively
grounded with the copper plate.
When two or more copper plates are spliced, the effect you can expect will be signifi-
cantly limited. When splicing is unavoidable, they shall be solder connected.
(4) NMEA Cable
The NMEA cable can also be a noise source. Route the NMEA cable through the
clamp filter, then wrap is around the filter a single turn.
The clamp filter used is ZCAT2032-0930 (for small diameter) or ZCAT3035-1330 (for
large diameter) from TDK Co.
Cable through the clamp filter
A single turn on the clamp filter


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