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Troubleshooting - JVC KV-C1007 Instructions

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Installing the unit
While mounting the unit, be sure to use the tapping screws (not supplied) of appropriate length
so that they will not damage any parts of the car.
Fixing screws—M4 x 8 mm
Installing the antenna
Before installing:
• The diversity antenna supplied with this unit is designed specifically for use with JVC TV tuner
unit. (It cannot be connected to the car radio.)
• Do not rub the antenna or the antenna's cable with alcohol, benzine, thinner, gasoline or other
volatile substances.
• Attach to the inside of the car window glass.
• Be sure to wipe the window surface where the antenna will be attached with the cleaner
(supplied) to remove moisture, dirt, dust, wax, oil or other substances. (If there is moisture, oil or
other wet substances on the attachment surface, the attachment tape will not stick well and
easily come off.)
• Identify the exact attachment location and confirm that the adhesive surfaces (antenna base and
attachment parts) will not be placed on a heating wire, glass antenna or wiper motor.
Since there may be legal regulations defining the permissible installation locations for the monitor
system which differ by country or by state, be sure to install the monitor in a location complying
with any such laws.
Peel off the cover paper from the antenna base and attach to the surface.
Peel off the cover paper from the attachment parts in turn and attach to the surface.
Attachment parts
Antenna base
• When the attachment surface overlaps with
an electrode
Attach the antenna to either the left or right of the electrode.
Heating wires


When used with any other monitor system than KD-AV7001.
• TV tuner does not work at all.
* Is the remote sensor unit connected correctly?
• No sound is heard.
* Have you adjusted the volume level on the monitor?
• Picture does not come on the screen.
* Is the correct input selected on the monitor?
• The fuse blows.
* Are the red, yellow, and black leads connected correctly?
• Power cannot be turned on.
* Is the yellow lead connected?
Peel off the cover paper.
Peel off the cover paper.
• When the attachment surface interferes with a
rear wiper motor or a high-mounted brake light
Move the antenna's attachment position upwards to avoid
Example of installation, side window
• Installing the antenna cord
Install the cord from the antenna to the TV tuner unit through
the interior trim and under the carpet, and secure it using the
cord clampers and mirror mats.
Tapping screws (not supplied)
Cord clampers (separately purchased)
Mirror mats (separately purchased)



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