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Other Information
The TV does not turn on
Small bright or black dot in
Image left on the screen (image
Uneven color uniformity
appears on the screen when the
TV is powered on
White spot on the screen when
powered off
"Projection lamp is nearing end
of life. Please replace the
lamp." message appears
Possible Remedies
The TV cools down its projection lamp when the power is turned off. It takes up to
two minutes for the picture to come back after the TV is turned on again. Wait for
a while until the picture comes back.
It may be possible to see several pixels, which appear dark or bright when viewing
up close to the screen caused during the manufacturing of the display device. This
is not a defect with your TV and will not affect the overall picture performance or
reliability of your set. Please view the screen at the recommended viewing
Turn off the TV for a while or let the TV run on another channel. Unlike plasma
TV and CRT TV, image retention on this TV is not permanent. It is only a
temporary condition; see page 10.
After turning on the TV, you may notice a slight variation in color (tint) and
brightness in certain areas of the picture. This will last only a few minutes each
time you turn on the TV. This is a normal temperature characteristic of the
components and not a malfunction.
If screen is exposed to direct sunlight or strong ambient light, part of the screen
may appear white even when TV is power off. This is due to the strong light
reflecting off the TV screen and reflections coming behind the screen. This is a
structural property of the projection TV and is not a defect. Position your TV
away from such light sources.
It is time for you to replace the projection lamp used in your TV.
• Turn to page 66 on "How to Replace the Lamp" and follow the directions for
replacing the lamp.
• Use only the lamp designated for your TV model.
• Set the Lamp Replacement option in the Setup settings (see page 62).


Table of Contents

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