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After the vehicle is jacked up. be sure to support
it on stands. It is extremely dangerous to do any
work on a vehicle raised on a jack alone. even for
a small job that can be finished quickly.
12. Observe the following precautions to avoid damage to
the parts:
Do not open the cover or case of the EeU unless
absolutely necessary. (If the
terminals are tou-
ched. the Ie may be destroyed by static electric-
To disconnect vacuum hoses. pull on the end. not
the middle of the hose.
To pull apart electrical connectors. pull on the
connector itself. not the wires.
Be careful not to drop electrical components.
such as sensors or relays. If they are dropped on
a hard floor. they should be replaced and not
When steam cleaning an engine. protect the dis·
tributor. air filter. and VCV from water.
Never use an impact wrench to remove or install
temperature switches or temperature sensors.
When checking continuity at the wire connector.
insert the tester probe carefully to prevent termi·
nals from bending.
When using a vacuum gauge. never force the
hose onto a connector that is too large. Use a
step-down adapter instead. Once the hose has
been stretched. it may leak.
13. Tag hoses before disconnecting them:
When disconnecting vacuum hoses. use tags to
identify how they should be reconnected.
After completing a job. double check that the
vacuum hoses are properly connected. A label
under the hood shows the proper layout.
14. Unless otherwise stated. all resistance is measured at
an ambient temperature of 20°C (68°F). Because the
resistance may be outside specifications if measured
at high temperatures immediately after the vehicle
has been running. measurements should be made
when the engine has cooled down.


Table of Contents

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