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Installing and Connecting the Projection TV
Setting the Channel
Fix feature in the Channel
menu (see "Using the
Channel Menu" on page
53), ensures that you do
not accidentally switch
the channels using your
projection TV.
Cable Box Only
Use this hookup if:
You subscribe to a cable TV system that uses scrambled or encoded
signals requiring a cable box to view all channels, and
You do not intend to hook up any other audio or video equipment to
your projection TV.
When all channels are routed through your cable box, only one unscrambled
channel is sent to the projection TV, so you cannot use the Twin View
feature. If some channels are scrambled, but others are not, consider using
the hookup on page 17 instead.
Connect the coaxial connector from your cable service to the cable
box's IN jack.
Using a coaxial cable, connect the cable box's OUT jack to the TV's
VHF/UHF jack.
Cable box
Also, set Cable to ON in the Channel menu (see page 53).
Your Sony remote control can be programmed to operate your cable box
(see "Programming the Remote Control" on page 68).
To change channels using the cable box, set your projection TV to
channel 3 or 4 depending on the cable box channel output. If you will be
controlling all channel selection through your cable box, consider using
the Channel Fix feature to set your projection TV to channel 3 or 4 (see
page 54).
Rear of projection TV


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