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Assembly And Adjustment; Switching On And Off - Black & Decker Li4000 Instruction Manual

Cordless screwdriver with retractable screw holder
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Table of Contents
Safety Warnings and Instructions: drilling
WARNING: tool may stall (if overloaded or improperly used) causing a twist. to
reduce the risk of injury always expect the stall. Grip the tool firmly to control the
twisting action and prevent loss of control which could cause personal injury. If a stall
does occur, release the trigger immediately and determine the reason for the stall before

ASSeMBly ANd AdjuStMeNt

WAll MouNtING tHe cHARGING cRAdle (fIGuReS A, B)
The charging cradle can be placed on a level surface or mounted to a wall. Use the
hardware provided only if hanging on conventional sheet rock or plaster walls. If not
hanging on conventional sheet rock or plaster walls, please use the appropriate
fasteners for that material.
• Choose a location that is within reach of an electrical outlet.
• If wall mounting, space mounting screws the same distance apart (3 inches 75mm) as
the slots on the back of the charger shown in figure A. Note: Avoid damaging the cord
while fixing the charging cradle (10) to the wall.
• Plug in charger and place the product in position (figure B). Make sure the charge
indicator light (9) is on. If the indicator light is not on, adjust unit to make sure charging
contacts (8) are touching.
• To install a bit simply insert it into the cavity in the hex spindle (6) as shown in figure c.
To remove the bit pull it straight out.
toRQue coNtRol (fIGuRe d)
Your screwdriver is equipped with a six position clutch collar (4). When the tool reaches
the preselected torque setting the clutch slips, thus limiting how tightly a screw is driven.
• The tool's motor will continue to run as long as the switch button is depressed.
• To set the tool's torque, rotate the adjustable clutch collar (4) clockwise or
counterclockwise as required (figure d). The larger the screw icon, the higher the torque.
Each click in a clockwise direction (facing the spindle ) means an increase in the torque
foRWARd / ReveRSe / lock off SlIdeR (fIGuRe e)
• To select forward or reverse rotation, use the forward / reverse slider (2) (see arrows
on the slider). A window (3) on the top of the unit will display the rotating direction with an
arrow (figure e).
Note: When the forward / reverse slider is in the central position the tool is locked off to
prevent accidental actuation or battery discharge.
Tool intended for tightening and loosening screws, nuts, and the like and not equipped
with an impacting mechanism but which may have a device for depth setting or setting
the torque or means for switching off the rotation

SWItcHING oN ANd off

• To run the tool, press the switch (1).
• To stop the tool, release the switch.
• To lock the tool in the off position, move the forward / reverse slider (2) to the central
• Insert the appropriate screwdriver bit into the hex spindle.
• Select forward or reverse rotation.
• Set the clutch collar to the smallest screw icon and begin driving screw (low torque).
• If the clutch ratchets too soon, adjust the clutch collar to increase the torque as required.
ScReW dRIvING uSING tHe BuIlt-IN ScReW HoldeR (fIGuReS f - I)
The screw holder (7) can be used with both one and two inch screwdriver bits. It cannot
be used with bit tip holder extensions.
To use the screw holder:
• Grasp the screw holder carrier and pull it out from the screwdriver. (figure f)

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Table of Contents

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