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Charging Procedure; Important Charging Notes - Black & Decker Li4000 Instruction Manual

Cordless screwdriver with retractable screw holder
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10. Do not attempt to open the charger. There are no customer serviceable parts inside.
Return to any authorized BLACk+DECkER service center.
11. DO NOT incinerate the tool or batteries even if they are severely damaged or
completely worn out. The batteries can explode in a fire. Toxic fumes and materials
are created when lithium ion battery packs are burned.
12. Do not charge or use battery in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of
flammable liquids, gases or dust. Inserting or removing the battery from the charger
may ignite the dust or fumes.
13. If battery contents come into contact with the skin, immediately wash area with mild
soap and water. If battery liquid gets into the eye, rinse water over the open eye for
three minutes or until irritation ceases. If medical attention is needed, the battery
electrolyte is composed of a mixture of liquid organic carbonates and lithium salts.
WARNING: Burn hazard. Battery liquid may be flammable if exposed to spark or

charging Procedure

To charge your screwdriver, follow the steps below.
1. Plug the charger into any standard 120 Volt 60 Hz electrical outlet.
2. Place the screwdriver into the charging cradle(10) making sure to match the charging
contacts (8) on the handle of the screwdriver with the contacts in the charging cradle.
The red (charging) light will illuminate indicating that the charging process has started.
3. Let the tool charge initially for at least 16 hours. After the initial charge, your tool
should be fully charged in 16 hours from a fully discharged condition. Recharge
discharged batteries as soon as possible after use or battery life may be
greatly diminished. for longest battery life, do not discharge batteries fully. It is
recommended that the batteries be recharged after each use

Important charging Notes

1. Your tool was sent from the factory in an uncharged condition. Before attempting to
use it, it must be charged for at least 16 hours.
2. DO NOT charge the batteries in an air temperature below 40°F (4,5 °C) or above
105°F (+40,5 °C). This is important and will prevent serious damage to the batteries.
Longest life and best performance can be obtained if batteries are charged when air
temperature is about 75°F.
3. While charging, the charger may hum and become warm to touch. This is a normal
condition and does not indicate a problem.
4. If the batteries do not charge properly—(1) Check current at receptacle by plugging in
a lamp or other appliance. (2) Check to see if receptacle is connected to a light switch
which turns power off when you turn out the lights. (3) Move charger and tool to a
surrounding air temperature of 40°F (4,5 °C) to 105°F (+40,5 °C). (4) If the charger
is mounted on a wall make sure the charge indicator light is on. If the indicator
light is not on, push unit down to make sure charging contacts are touching. (5)
If the receptacle and temperature are Ok, and you do not get proper charging, take or
send the tool and charger to your local BLACk+DECkER service center. See Tools
Electric in yellow pages.
5. The tool should be recharged when it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs which
were easily done previously. DO NOT CONTINUE using product with its batteries in a
depleted condition.
6. To prolong battery life, avoid leaving on charge for extended periods of time (over
30 days without use). Although extended charging is not a safety concern, it can
significantly reduce overall battery life.

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Table of Contents

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