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Blade Maintenance - Black & Decker GR340 User Manual

Rotary lawnmower
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Removing the grassbox from your mower:
Raise the grassflap. Lift the grassbox off the
mower and rest it on the lawn. Gently lower
the grassflap, then use both hands to lift the
full grassbox.
How to use your mower (Fig. E & F)
Observe all of the relevant warnings when
using your mower.
Push the loop of cable through the slot
from the opposite side of the restraint
hook (Fig. E1), position the loop over the
hook and pull the cable back through the
slot. Your cable will now be restrained.
We recommend the directional method of
operation to obtain the maximum cutting
performance from your mower and to reduce
the risk of the trailing the extension lead from
entering the cutting path.
Place the bulk of the supply cable on
the lawn close to the starting point
(see Fig. F2a, position 1).
Hold the handle assembly with both
Warning! Do not attempt to operate your
mower with one hand - you must guide it
with both hands.
Tilt the handle downwards to slightly raise
the front of your mower and to reduce
the risk of lawn damage whilst starting,
depress the safety lock-off button (12) on
the switchbox (10) and whilst still
depressed pull the switch lever (11)
towards you. Your mower will start and
you can now allow the lock-off button to
be released and lower your mower to its
proper cutting position, and commence
Proceed down the cutting area as shown
in Fig. F2a, working from position 1
towards position 2 and, on reaching
position 2, turn to the right and proceed
towards position 3. Continue to the end
of the cutting area, turn to the left and
proceed towards position 4. Continue in
the same manner as shown in Fig. F2a,
always working away from the cable.
Do not adopt the method as shown in
Fig. F2b, working towards the cable, as
this is dangerous practice.
Your mower will continue to operate whilst
you are pulling the switch lever. To stop your
mower release the switch lever.
When you have finished using your mower
we recommend that you clean all debris from
it before putting it away. Refer to the
'Care and maintenance' section.
Note: To obtain the best results cut your
lawn or grass area regularly and do not cut
when the grass is wet.
If, when grass cutting, loose grass is seen
to be scattering from beneath your mower,
the grassbox is probably full and should be

Blade maintenance

The steel blade is designed to give a fine
finish in long or tough grass. The blade will
continue to cut even when it has become
blunt or burred. There is no need for it to be
razor sharp.
If, however, because of damage or wear the
cutting performance deteriorates, then your
mower may require a new blade, or at least
the existing blade to be sharpened.
We recommend that the steel blade is
sharpened or a new blade fitted at the
beginning of each season.
Replacement blades are available from
Black & Decker service agents.
Warning! When fitting a new blade use only
the Black & Decker replacement part
specified for your mower - do not attempt to
fit any other blade.
Fitting a new blade (Fig. G)
Observe all the relevant warnings before
changing the blade.
Warning! Disconnect your mower from the
electrical supply before changing the blade.
Turn your mower over on its side so that
the underside of the mower body (1) is
Using a cloth placed over the blade or
heavy duty gloves to protect your hands,
grip the blade and, using the spanner
provided, loosen and remove the nut (16)
from the motor spindle. Turn the nut in an
anti-clockwise direction to loosen it.
The blade can now be replaced and the
washer and nut reassembled.
Note: Do not remove the impeller (17) for
any reason.
Note: Some mowers are fitted with a clutch
washer, between the blade nut and the blade,
which must be reassembled at all times.

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