Fresh Air Intake And Fan Motor; Machines With Residual Moisture Control (Rmc); Maintenance To Be Carried Out By Qualified Service Personnel - Electrolux T5190 Operating Manual

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5.4 Fresh air intake and fan motor

At regular basis, check that the fresh air intake on the front of the machine is not clogged by lint and
dust or otherwise blocked.
Disconnect the power to the machine.
Remove the screws to the filter (A) and clean the fresh air inlet and the fan motor with a vacuum
cleaner. Be careful not to damage the parts.

5.5 Machines with residual moisture control (RMC)

At regular basis, wipe off/clean drum and lifters with citric acid (Acidum citricum). If soap/softener
residue remains, it is recommended also to use a coarse sponge.
Lack of cleaning can reduce the automatic residual moisture control which will make the load being
moister than requested when the program has ended.

5.6 Maintenance to be carried out by qualified service personnel

Contact qualified service personnel to perform the following maintenance:
After 1600 hours of operation or once a year, whichever comes first:
• Clean the fan, the exhaust duct and the fresh-air intake to the room
• On machines with RMC: Clean the glide surface on the RMC graphite collector
• Clean the area around the drum
• Clean the motors
• Check the belt tension

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents