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Crankshaft Sensor Inspection - Kawasaki KX450F Service Manual

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Ignition System
To check the output voltage, do the following procedures.
Connect the digital voltmeter [A] as follows.
Tester (+) → Blue Lead
Tester (–) → Black/Blue Lead
Start the engine.
Measure the throttle sensor output voltage with the engine
idling speed and with the idle throttle valve opening.
Throttle Sensor Output Voltage
0.68 ±0.1 V (when engine is idle speed.)
If it is not within the specified voltage range, adjust the
throttle sensor position (see Throttle Sensor Position Ad-
Engine Stop Switch Electric Current Check
Remove the fuel tank transiently (see Fuel Tank Removal
in the Fuel System chapter).
Disconnect the engine stop switch lead connector [A].
Temporarily install the fuel tank.
Start the engine.
Ground the stop switch black/white lead of the main har-
ness side while the engine is running.
If the engine does not stop, replace the C.D.I. Unit.

Crankshaft Sensor Inspection

Magneto Lead Connector (see Magneto Cover Re-
Set the hand tester [A] to the × 100 Ω range and connect
it to the Green/White [B] and White/Yellow [C] Leads in
the connector.
Special Tool - Hand Tester: 57001-1394
If there is more resistance than the specified value, the
coil has an open lead and must be replaced. Much less
than this resistance means the coil is shorted, and must
be replaced.
Crankshaft Sensor Resistance
Standard: 180 ∼ 280 Ω (at 20 °C (68 °F))
Using the highest resistance range of the tester, measure
the resistance between the crankshaft sensor leads and
chassis ground.
Any tester reading less than infinity (∞) indicates a short,
necessities replacement of the crankshaft sensor assem-


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