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Ignition System
Charge Coil Peak Voltage Check
Disconnect the connector of the magneto lead connector
from the main harness.
To check the peak voltage, do the following procedures.
Measure the voltage with each lead connected cor-
The correct value may not be obtained if
Maintain the correct value of compression pressure for
the cylinder (Be sure to measure the voltage with the
spark plug installed to the cylinder head.)
Connect the peak voltage adapter [A] to the tester and the
terminals of the magneto lead connector [B].
Special Tools - Hand Tester: 57001-1394
Peak Voltage Adapter: 57001-1415
Type: KEK-54-9-B
Adapter Positive
Adapter Negative
Crank the engine by kicking the pedal several time to
measure the peak voltage of the charge coil.
Peak Voltage: 20 V or Above
If the voltage is less than the specified, check the charge
Throttle Sensor Output/Input Voltage Check
Remove the carburetor transiently (see Carburetor Re-
moval in the Fuel System chapter).
Remove the throttle sensor lead connector [A].
Connect the throttle sensor setting adapter [A] between
throttle sensor lead connector [B] and main harness con-
nector [C].
Special Tools - Hand Tester: 57001-1394
Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter #1: 57001
Set the Hand tester [D] to the DC 10 V range, and connect
it to the adapter leads.
Hand Tester (+)
Hand Tester (–)
Temporary install the fuel tank.
Start the engine.
Check the sensor input voltage with the engine running.
Throttle Sensor Input Voltage
If it is not within the specified voltage range, check the
magneto output voltage. If it has normal functions, re-
place the C.D.I. Unit.
→ White Lead [C]
→ Red Lead [D]
→ Yellow/White Lead
→ Black/Blue Lead
around 5 V


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