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Periodic Maintenance Procedures; Fuel System; Fuel Hose And Connections Inspection; Throttle Grip (throttle Cable) Free Play Inspection - Kawasaki KX450F Service Manual

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Periodic Maintenance Procedures

Fuel System

Fuel Hose and Connections Inspection

The fuel hoses are designed to be used throughout the
motorcycle's life without any maintenance, however, if the
motorcycle is not properly handled, the inside the fuel line
can cause fuel to leak [A] or the hose to burst.
Check the fuel hose.
Replace the fuel hose if any fraying, cracks [B], bulges [C]
or ozone cracks [D] are noticed.
Check that the hose [A] are securely connected and
clamps [B] are tightened correctly.
When installing, route the hose according to Cable, Wire,
and Hose Routing section in the Appendix chapter.
When installing the fuel hose, avoid sharp bending, kink-
ing, flattening or twisting, and route the fuel hose with a
minimum of bending so that the fuel flow will not be ob-
Replace the hose if it has been sharply bent or kinked.

Throttle Grip (Throttle Cable) Free Play Inspection

Check throttle grip free play [B] by lightly turning the throt-
tle grip [A] back and forth.
If the free play is improper, adjust the throttle cable.
Throttle Grip Free Play
Standard: 2 ∼ 3 mm (0.08 ∼ 0.12 in.)
Check that the throttle grip moves smoothly from full open
to close, and the throttle closes quickly and completely in
all steering positions by the return spring.
If the throttle grip does not return properly, check the throt-
tle cable routing, grip free play, and cable damage. Then
lubricate the throttle cable.
Run the engine at the idle speed, and turn the handlebar
all the way to the right and left to ensure that the idle speed
does not change.
If the idle speed increase, check the throttle cable free
play and the cable routing.

Throttle Grip (Throttle Cable) Free Play Adjustment

Loosen the locknuts [A] [B] at the upper end of the throttle
Screw both throttle cable adjuster [C] [D] to give the throt-
tle grip plenty of play.
Turn out the decelerator adjuster [C] until there is no play
when the throttle grip is completely closed.
Tighten the locknut [A].
Turn the accelerator cable adjuster [D] until 2 ∼ 3 mm
(0.08 ∼ 0.12 in.) of throttle grip play is obtained.
Tighten the locknut [B].
Operation with an improperly adjusted, incorrectly
routed, or damaged cable could result in an unsafe
riding condition.


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