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Step on the side of the tire opposite valve stem, pry the
tire off the rim with the tire iron [A] of the bead breaker
protecting the rim with rim protectors [B].
Special Tools - Rim Protector: 57001-1063
Bead Breaker Assembly: 57001-1072
Take care not to inset the tire irons so deeply that
the tube gets damaged.
Remove the bead protector and tube when one side of
the tire is pried off.
Pry the tire off the rim.

Tire Installation

The Tires should be installed so that the ID serial NO.
[A] faces to left side.
Inspect the rim and tire, and replace them if necessary.
Install the tube band and tube.
Apply a soap and water solution, or rubber lubricant to the
rim flange and tire beads.
Position the front tire on the rim so that the valve [A] is
at the tire balance mark [B] (the chalk mark made during
removal, or the white paint mark on a new tire. see Re-
Insert the valve stem into the rim, and screw the nut on
Fit the rim protectors and use tire irons to install the tire
To prevent rim damage, be sure to place the rim protec-
tors at any place the tire irons are applied.
Pry one side of the tire back onto the rim. Fit the bead
protector into the tire.
Pry the other side of the tire onto the rim, starting at the
side opposite the valve.
Take care not to insert the tire irons so deeply that the
tube is damaged.
Install the other side of the tire bead onto the rim in the
same manner.
Check that the tube is not pinched between the tire and


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