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Miele S 247i Technical Manual: Figure 5-24: S 4xx Slide Potentiometer

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S 2xx, S 3xx & S 4xx Canister Vacuums
switch spindle to release the switch.
Slide potentiometer:
1. Remove the foot switch assembly (Section 5.8).
2. Set the slide potentiometer to 300W.
3. Remove the group plug (Figure 5-24, Item 2) from the underside. Take
care to note its positioning.
4. Remove the regulator (Figure 5-24, item 4) with cylinder and replace as
5. When re-installing, turn the regulator clockwise to its end stop, locate the
cylinder in the axial guide (Figure 5-24, Item 1) and clip the holder with
potentiometer into the guide slit (Figure 5-24, Item 5).

Figure 5-24: S 4xx Slide Potentiometer

Foot-operated power selector:
1. Remove the cap assembly (Section 5.6).
2. Loosen the on/off and cord rewind foot switches. Use a screwdriver to
release the retaining clips at Figure 5-25, Item 3, and push out the foot
3. Unclip the selector switch cover (Figure 5-25, Item 4) on the left and right,
and remove it.
4. Lift the retaining clip (Figure 5-25, Item 2) slightly to remove the
potentiometer holder and drive piece (Figure 5-25, Item 1).
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