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Cisco 7912 Quick Start Manual page 3

Ip phone
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Cisco 7912 IP Phone Quick Start Guide
Basic Call Functions
Placing a Call
You can make a call in any of
the following ways
Answering a Call
To reject the call
Ending a Call
Placing a Call on Hold
The caller will hear the music
on hold
Transferring a Call
You can transfer a call to
another phone either as a
'Blind' or a 'Consultative'
Blind Transfer
Consultative Transfer
If the called party is
unable to take the call or
is not at their desk
7912 IP Handset Guide
Dial '0' to get a line out
Lift the handset and dial the number
Dial the number, then press the Dial soft button
and lift the handset
Press the Redial soft button
Press the Menu
o Select Directories from the menu
o Select the directory that you require
o Use Navigation button to search for and
highlight the entry you require
o Press the Dial soft button and lift the handset
Pick up the handset
Press the DND soft button
This will send the call to the next answering point, e.g.
voicemail or another extension, if configured.
You can end the current call by either: -
Hanging up the handset
Pressing the End Call soft button
To place a call on hold, press the Hold
the hold button lights up red (the held call will flash
on the screen)
To return to the held call, press the lit Hold
If you hear the call waiting beep:
Press the Answer soft button
The first call is automatically put on hold
During a call, press the Trnsfer soft button. This
places the first call on hold
Dial the number to which you want to transfer the
call, then perform the relevant next step:-
When you hear ringing, press Trnsfer again or simply
hang up,
Wait until the called party answers, announce the call
and then press Trnsfer or simply hang up
Have them hang up (or you press End Call)
Press the illuminated Hold
the original held call
Version 2.0
button then;
button -
button to return to
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