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Audio issue on ip phone.
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Troubleshooting the audio issue on an IP Network:
1) Ping the remote IP address of the router and PBX to ensure connectivity of the remote site are still
active. Ping Plotter, a useful tool to ping various nodes either at a remote site or over the Internet and
get statistic of the test result, can be downloaded from their website:
2) If using a VPN connection, make sure that packet forwarding is disabled on both VPN routers.
3) Make sure that the IP phone was configured on the same IP network as the PBX before relocating the
phone to the remote site.
4) If you are experiencing audio issue from a remote site, consult with your network team to troubleshoot
the NAT configuration. If
5) Download, install and use the network sniffer-capturing application called WireShark from their website:
following troubleshooting steps:
a. Start capturing from your PC at the local site.
b. Make a VoIP call that will have one-way audio.
c. Analyze the capture packet.
d. If the problem has been found, then resolve it and retest it again.
e. Otherwise run the capture tool, using another IP phone and restart the capturing test.
6) If the problem is intermittent, then a long-term simultaneous capture at multiple points can be used to
attempt to capture a complete call with the problem. Most capture tools will let you capture only traffic
from selected devices, so the volume of captured information can be kept to a reasonable size.
7) Finally, submit the test report to the Panasonic Technical Support's e-mail address:
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s involved in the call path, configuration of the various devices may be a
to capture the packets on existing IP network. You would conduct the
Phone 877-289-2829


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