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Scanner Adjustments and Calibrations
6 Check that the CCD Centering is OK. That is that you still have 3 SWU's on
7 Tighten the Camera Back-Plate Fixing Screws gently to prevent the
8 Once the cameras are adjusted, you will need to adjust the whole scanner to
HP Designjet T1100 MFP, 4500mfp, 4500 Scanner, 820 MFP Service Manual
The Vertical Tilt lever can't be moved very far before it loses its grip. If this
happens while you are adjusting the camera, move the Vertical Tilt levers
back to the middle position and use the Vertical Position Pre-Set
Screw to make a coarse adjustment. Then fine tune again with the
Vertical Tilt lever.
When adjusting the Vertical Position, you continuously have to readjust the
CCD Centering (3 scan-width units) with the CCD Centering lever,
because the Vertical Tilt lever moves the camera a little in the horizontal
The output we are aiming for can be seen below, therefore:
On the left image the vertical position is too low – if you have an output
like this, you need lower the right side of camera with the right Vertical
Tilt lever, by turning downwards.
On the right image the vertical position is too high - if you have an output
like this, you need raise the right side of camera with the right Vertical
Tilt lever, by turning it upwards.
When you have adjusted the Vertical Tilt so that the output displays 8 black
lines and 4 smaller lines (it doesn't have to be precise, just close to the
above picture) on the right side of the camera, look at the left side again to
check that it's still okay (it's probably not). It very likely that you have to go
back and forth between left and right a couple of times until both sides are
adjusted the right way. That is because adjusting one side affects the other
side a little.
each side of the Camera. If you don't then adjust it with the CCD
Centering Lever.
camera from moving out of adjustment.
fine-tune it by performing the Scanner Maintenance (refer to Page 5-26).




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