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Setting The Clock; Adding Coffee; Adding Water - Black & Decker DCM90 Instructions Manual


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Warning! Never immerse the main body of the
appliance, cord set or plug in water or any other
• We recommend that you first familiarise
yourself with all parts of the appliance before
using it for the first time. Do not fill with water
or connect to the mains supply when doing
• To remove any remaining residue from the
manufacturing process, we recommend
operating the coffee maker as described in
the ' Use ' section. This will flush the
appliance out. Use water only, do not add
Note! Ensure that the coffee maker mains cord
does not overhang the edge of the worktop.
Note! When the coffee maker is plugged in and
operated for the first time, there may be a small
amount of smoke and/or odour as the heating
elements warm up. This represents no danger
or malfunction with the product and should clear
after a couple of uses.

Setting the clock

The coffee maker can be started / stopped
without setting the clock by pressing the
ON/OFF button (3.2).
The clock has to be set for the automatic
operation of the coffee maker
• Connect the coffee maker to the mains
supply and switch the socket on. The
backlight will illuminate blue and the display
will start to flash.
• Press and hold the 'PROG/AUTO' button
(3.1) for 3 seconds. The 'PROG/AUTO'
indicator light will start to flash indicating you
are in programming mode. The display will
show the current time and automatic coffee
making icon ( )
Note! Programming mode will exit if no button is
pressed within 10 seconds. The 'PROG/AUTO'
indicator light will go out and no changes will be
• Press the 'PROG/AUTO' button (3.1) (twice)
until the clock is displayed. The automatic
coffee making icon will not be visible .
• Press the 'HOUR' button (3.3) until the correct
hour is displayed. The time is set in 12 hour
format. (AM is indicated in the upper left hand
corner of the clock display and PM in the
lower left hand corner).
• Press the 'MIN' button (3.5) until the correct
minutes are displayed.
• Press the 'PROG/AUTO' button (3.1) to 'set'
the clock. After a short period of time the
backlight will automatically go out. The clock
is now set.

Adding coffee

• Open the water tank lid (1) and place the filter
(12) in the filter holder (8). Add the desired
amount of coffee.
• Place the filter holder (8) in filter holder
compartment (9). Make sure the pins (10) on
the filter holder fit securely into the bayonet
holes (11) in the bowl.
• Place the carafe (4) on the hot plate (5)under
the filter holder compartment (9).

Adding water

• Using the glass carafe (4), fill the water tank
(7) with the desired quantity of COLD water.
Note! Do not fill with less than 4 cups of water or
above the MAX mark on the water tank gauge.
• Close the water tank lid (1) and place the
empty carafe (4), with the lid closed,
Warning! DO NOT open the water tank lid (1)
whilst the coffee maker is on. Hot water may be

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents