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Features - Sony Trimaster PVM-2541A Operating Instructions Manual

Professional video monitor.
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The PVM-2541A (25-type) or PVM-1741A (17-type)
Professional Video Monitor is a high performance color
video monitor. This is suitable for television stations or
video production houses, where precise image
reproduction is required.
It features OLED panel and "TRIMASTER
a new technology developed for three elements,
"accurate color reproduction," "precision imaging" and
"quality picture consistency," that are in demand for
professional use. "TRIMASTER" decreases the viewing
difference that occurs due to the individuality of each
panel. Also, it realizes the high picture quality and high-
trust required for the professional video monitor by the
color management system with its wide color gamut
device, high-resolution/precise gradation display,
highly accurate signal processing and panel correction
TRIMASTER is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Advantages of OLED panel technology
The OLED panel makes use of an organic material,
which emits light when an electric current is applied.
Being self-emitting, the strength of luminescence can be
controlled by the amount of electric current. This brings
about the following three features:
Quick motion picture response:
The luminescent state of the OLED panel can be
changed instantaneously by changing the current flow in
the organic material. This enables a quick motion
picture response and production of images with minimal
blurring and ghosting. Furthermore, performance for
shooting on location is not influenced by changes in
environmental temperature.
High contrast and wide dynamic range:
The OLED panel does not emit light when black signal
is applied to the monitor, enabling a pure black screen to
be displayed. Furthermore, thanks to a wide dynamic
range the panel impressively displays brilliance and
clarity of various sparkling images, such as stars in a
night sky twinkling, night illuminations winking or
glass glittering, etc.
Rich color reproduction:
An OLED panel's self-luminescence also allows for
great color reproduction across the entire spectrum in
practically any shade or brightness.
Sony's Super Top Emission
Both 17-type and 25-type models include a full HD
(1920 × 1080) OLED panel featuring Sony's Super Top
Emission technology. Unlike the conventional bottom
," which is
OLED panel
emission structure of TFT, Sony's OLED panel can
reproduce a crisper image due to high brightness.
Furthermore, a unique microcavity structure makes
RGB primary colors purer and deeper by utilizing light
resonance effects that magnify optimum light wave
lengths and diminish undesired light wave lengths.
The panel's 10-bit driver enables smooth gradation of
color shading.
"Super Top Emission" is a trademark that represents the
OLED technology of Sony Corporation.
Lightweight and durable monitor housing
A lightweight and durable aluminum housing suitable
for wall and rack mounting is employed. It lightens the
load on your broadcasting van and saves space.
External remote function
The input signal is selected (or various items adjusted)
by the serial (Ethernet) remote function. Up to 32
monitors and control units (max. 4) can be connected by
the Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) connection
and controlled remotely on the network. You can control
individual monitors or monitor groups simply by
entering the monitor ID or group ID number. You can
also execute the same operation on all connected
monitors, or put all connected monitors into the same
setup and adjustment state.
For more information, see SERIAL REMOTE of the
REMOTE menu on page 33.
Refer to the Operation Manual of the BKM-15R or
BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit (optional).
Input signal waveform, audio level, and
vectorscope display
The input signal waveform, the audio level (embedded
audio only), or the vectorscope can be displayed.
For more information, see "WFM/ALM/VECTOR
(waveform monitor, audio level meter, and vectorscope)
SETTING" on page 27.
Timecode display
Timecode superimposed on SDI signals is displayed on
the screen.
For more information, see T/C (time code) DISPLAY
SETTING on page 27.
Camera focus
This function sharpens the edges of the image more than
the amount set by the upper limit of the aperture value in
the USER CONTROL menu.
This is convenient for focusing with the camera. This
function also colors the focused part of an image,
providing fast and exact focusing.


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