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Jvc colour television instruction manual
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Place TV on a solid surface.
For ventilation, leave a space of at least 10 cm free all around
the set. To prevent any fault and unsafe situations, please do
not place any objects on top of the set.


• It is a remote controlled colour television.
• 100 programmes from VHF, UHF bands or cable channels
can be preset.
• It can tune cable channels.
• Controlling the TV is very easy by its menu driven system.
• It has an Euroconnector socket for external devices (such
as video recorder, video games, audio set, etc.)
• Front AV Input available.
• Teletext.
• It is possible to connect headphone.
• Direct channel access.
• APS (Automatic Programming System).
• All programmes can be named.
• Forward or backward automatic tuning.
• Sleep timer.
• Automatic sound mute when no transmission.
• 5 minutes after the broadcasting (closedown), the TV
switches itself automatically to stand-by mode.

Before Switching on your TV

Power connection

Important: The TV set is designed to operate on 220-240 V
AC, 50 Hz.
• After unpacking, allow the TV set to reach the ambient room
temperature before you connect the set to the mains.

Aerial Connections

• Connect the aerial plug to the aerial input socket located at
the back of the TV.

How to connect the external equipments

See "Connect the External Equipments" on page 10.
• See the instruction manuals provided with the external de-
vices too.

Inserting batteries in the remote control handset

• Remove the battery cover located on the back of the hand-
set by gently pulling upwards from the indicated part.
• Insert two AA (R6) or equivalent type batteries inside.
• Replace the battery cover.
NOTE: Remove batteries from remote control handset when it is
not to be used for a long period. Otherwise it can be damaged
due to any leakage of batteries.

Switching the TV ON/OFF

You can operate your TV either using the remote control
handset or directly using the TV onset buttons.

To switch the TV on

Your TV will switch on in two steps:
1- Press the power button located on the front of the TV. Then
the TV switches itself to standby mode and the RED LED
located below the TV turns on.
2- To switch on the TV from stand-by mode either:
Press a digit button on the remote control so that a program-
me number is selected,
Press Standby / Power Button or Programme Up and Down
buttons on the front of the TV or on the remote control re-
spectively, so the TV will switch on and the RED Led will turn

To switch the TV off

• Press the stand-by button on the remote control, so the TV
will switch to stand-by mode and the GREEN LED will be-
come RED,
• Press the power button located on the front of the TV.

Initial Settings

PROGRAMMING SYSTEM" will be displayed when you turn
on your TV for the first time.
1- Select LANGUAGE with the "
press the " " or " " button to select a menu language.
2- Select COUNTRY with the "
press the " " or " " button to select the country you are
now located.
3- Select START with the "
the " " button to start APS.
APS (Automatic Programming System) automatically pro-
grammes the received channels in your TV's programme
numbers. During APS, "A. P. S. IS RUNNING" will be dis-
played. After APS is finalized, the "PROGRAM." menu ap-
To cancel APS, press the " " button.
You can delete a channel, insert a channel into a programme
number, or re-start APS with the "PROGRAM." menu.
For details, see "Program. (Programming) Menu" on page
4- Press the "STANDARD" button to complete the initial set-
After the initial settings are complete, you can change a pro-
gramme number or to name a programme number or to pro-
g r a m m e n ew c ha n ne l manuall y. F o r de ta i l s , s e e
"Install. Menu" on page 7.
PROGRAMMING SYSTEM" does not appear, follow the de-
scription "Program. (Programming) Menu" on page 7 to
select a menu language and the country where you are now
located, and to use A.P.S..
" or "
" button, then
" or "
" button, then
" or "
" button, then press


Table of Contents

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