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Motorola APX O2 User Manual: Minimize The Effect Of Poorly Grounded Antennas; Jump-start The Vehicle; Eliminate Noise/howling From Pa Speaker

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Best Practices: Installation & Troubleshooting Minimize the Effect of Poorly Grounded Antennas

Minimize the Effect of Poorly Grounded Antennas

• For vehicles with high power (100W) radios that use glass mount antennas, care must be
taken to keep the radio and antenna cable as far as possible from the radiating element of
the antenna. If a sufficient distance is not maintained, the glass mount antenna's lack of a
proper ground plane may cause the radio's transmit signal to interfere with itself and cause a
reset. To minimize this effect, it may be necessary to install ferrite beads on the antenna
cable to protect the radio from this interference.

Jump-Start the Vehicle

Do not jump-start vehicle with radio power or ignition sense cables connected.
Damage to the radio and/or accessories may result.
C a u t i o n
Jump-starting a motorcycle can crank 300+ volts through the vehicle's charging system and these
transients can damage electrical equipment.
The state of your radio prior to needing a jump-start may be unknown, and the radio may attempt to
return to its last state (radio ON), when doing a jump-start. Therefore, Motorola recommends the
following steps be taken before jump-starting any vehicle containing a radio.
1. Locate the ignition sense line (thin yellow wire or thin red wire, depending on dash mount or
remote mount installation) and the main power leads (thick red wire) near the battery positive
NOTE: These lines are fused. In the event these lines are not fused (add the appropriate fuse in line)
use whatever tools necessary to physically disconnect the ignition sense and power lines
from the battery terminal.
Make sure that the disconnected lines are not in the way of moving motorcycle parts or
interfering with the motorcycle operation in any way.
2. Open up the fuse holders and remove the fuses out of the kits.
3. Re-tighten the fuse holders but without the fuses to insure that ignition sense and power lines
do not interfere with moving motorcycle parts.
4. Proceed with the jump-start routine as described by your vehicle owner's manual.
5. Once the jump-start process is complete, re-install the fuses into their holders.

Eliminate Noise/Howling from PA Speaker

1. Refer to
two-way radio, with accessories placed to the vehicle as desired.
2. Refer to
3. Refer to the Siren/PA User Manual (part number 6881093C18) for further details on lowering
the wattage.
Section 2.1.1
for recommended methods of installation available for the mobile
Figure 2-16
for the wiring diagrams for the recommended configurations.


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