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Motorola APX O2 User Manual: Fuel Tank Console Installation With Speaker And Control Head Mounted Together

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Motorcycle Radio Installation Installing the Speaker and Control Head
Provision has been made on the combination speaker/control-head bracket for mounting the
microphone hang-up clip. If that mounting is desired, the hang-up clip must be attached to the
bracket before installing the control head and speaker. See
Hang-Up Clip" on page 5-14
described below.
1. Determine the location where the speaker/control head is to be mounted. Consider how the
speaker/control-head bracket may be mounted, and whether or not a handlebar-mounting
bracket is needed. Take care to select a location that is not only mechanically convenient, but
is located for ease of operation.
NOTE: The angle at which the handlebar-mounting bracket or the speaker/control-head bracket is
mounted to the motorcycle determines the firing angle of the speaker.
2. If the handlebar-mounting bracket is needed, install it first.
3. Mount the speaker/control-head bracket, either directly to the motorcycle, or, if used, to the
handlebar-mounting bracket, using four stainless-steel machine screws, lock washers, and
4. Mount the 9-pin D-connector end of the motorcycle control-head cable to the speaker/control
head bracket, using two machine screws, flat washers, and nuts. (Cable routing directions
appear later in this section.)
5. Mount the speaker on the speaker/control-head bracket, using two machine screws and lock
washers. Torque these screws to 20 in-lbs.
6. Attach the control-head cable to the control head and tighten the locking screws on the
connector. This connection must be made before you mount the control head in the bracket.
(Cable routing directions appear later in this section.)
7. Mount the control head to the bracket, using two machine screws, lock washers, and flat
8. Adjust the control head viewing angle by loosening its mounting screws and rotating the
control head to the desired angle. Then, retighten screws to 20 in-lbs torque. This concludes
the speaker/control-head installation.
Fuel Tank Console Installation with Speaker and Control Head Mounted
Some motorcycles provide a console for mounting radio equipment. This console is attached to the
top of the fuel tank. With the use of a mounting bracket, screws, nuts, and lock washers, the
combination speaker/control-head bracket can be mounted to this console.
type of mounting.
The console attachment screws must be removed, and the console must be lifted slightly from the
fuel tank to gain access in order to attach mounting hardware, and to route cables later.
In this installation, the microphone (mic), mic hang-up bracket, and mic extension bracket will
interfere with handlebar travel.
Installation using this method is the same as in
and Control Head Mounted Together" on page
for the hang-up clip procedure. Install the speaker and control head as
Section 5.4.1: "Handlebar Installation with Speaker
Section 5.6: "Installing the Microphone
Figure 5-5
illustrates this


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