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Konica Minolta Bizhub 20p Service Manual: New Toner Detection

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3.3.3 New toner detection

This machine is equipped with the function to detect that the residual quantities of the toner
are not enough by examining the degree that the toner in the cartridge blocks the light by the
transmission light sensor. This function informs the user's that the toner cartridge has
reached its life. However there is a description such as previous contents when the toner
cartridge reaches itself the life end by the abrasion of the rollers, stops moving itself to
promote the replacement of the new one even if the remaining amount of the toner is
enough. At this time, the toner LED sensor cannot check the attachment of a new toner.
There is a possibility that the image quality decrease and the toner leakage occur if the
cartridge that reaches longevity is continuously used. Therefore it is necessary to remove the
movement stop state when a new toner is attached to the machine. It is new toner detection
mechanism to explain here to enable this distinction.
The new toner detection is performed by the following procedure.
(1) The main motor will drive gear (4) through the interconnection of other gears.
(2) When gear (4) is rotated, rib A on that gear will push against the new toner actuator; the
new toner sensor will detect the actuator motion, and the machine detects that a new
toner cartridge has been installed.
(3) The toner cartridge has Rib A on gear (4).
When the toner actuator is pushed once, the signal that is generated by the new toner
sensor, tell the machine that a toner cartridge has been installed.
<Printer side view when a new toner cartridge is installed>
Toner cartridge
Relay front PCB ASSY
New toner sensor
Gear (1)
Fig. 2-13
New toner actuator
Gear (4)
Rib A
Gear (3)
Gear (2)




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