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Medical Devices
If you use an implantable pacemaker or defibrillator, or other medical device, consult your
healthcare provider and the device manufacturer's directions before using this mobile
Persons with a pacemaker or defibrillator should observe the following precautions:
• ALWAYS keep the mobile device more than 20 centimeters (8 inches) from the
pacemaker or defibrillator when the mobile device is turned ON.
• Use the ear opposite the pacemaker or defibrillator to minimize the potential for
• Turn OFF the mobile device immediately if you have any reason to suspect that
interference is taking place.
Regulatory Information
Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with national and international
Regulatory Information
regulatory requirements. For full compliance statements and details, please refer to the
regulatory information in your printed legal guide.
Privacy & Data Security
Motorola understands that privacy and data security are important to everyone. Because
Privacy & Data Security
some features of your product may affect your privacy or data security, please follow these
recommendations to enhance protection of your information:
• Monitor access: Keep your product with you and do not leave it where others may have
unmonitored access. Use your product's security and lock features, where available.
• Keep software up to date: If Motorola or a software/application vendor releases a patch
or software fix for your product that updates the device's security, install it as soon as
• Secure Personal Information: Your product can store personal information in various
locations including a SIM card, memory card, and built-in memory. Be sure to remove or
clear all personal information before you recycle, return, or give away your product.
Note: For information on how to backup or wipe data from your product, go to
• Online accounts: Some products provide a Motorola online account. Go to your account
for information on how to manage the account, and how to use security features.
• Applications and updates: Choose your apps and updates carefully, and install from
trusted sources only. Some apps can impact your product's performance and/or have
access to private information including account details, call data, location details and
network resources.
• Wireless: For products with Wi-Fi features, only connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks. Also,
when using your product as a hotspot (where available), use network security. These
precautions will help prevent unauthorized access to your device.
If you have further questions about how using your product may impact your privacy or data
security, please contact Motorola at, or contact your service
Disposal & Recycling
Products & Accessories
Please don't dispose of products or electrical accessories (such as chargers,
headsets, or batteries) with your household waste. Warning: Never dispose of
batteries, either separately or within a mobile device, in a fire because they may
explode. These items should be disposed of in accordance with the national
collection and recycling schemes operated by your local or regional authority. Or,
you may return unwanted Motorola products and electrical accessories to any Motorola
Approved Service Center in your region. For details on approved national recycling schemes
and Motorola recycling activities, go to:
Packaging & Product Guides
Product packaging and product guides should only be disposed of in accordance with
national collection and recycling requirements. Please contact your regional authorities for
more details.
Software Copyright
Motorola products may include copyrighted Motorola and third-party software stored in
Software Copyright Notice
semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States and other countries
preserve for Motorola and third-party software providers certain exclusive rights for
copyrighted software, such as the exclusive rights to distribute or reproduce the copyrighted
software. Accordingly, any copyrighted software contained in Motorola products may not be
modified, reverse-engineered, distributed, or reproduced in any manner to the extent
allowed by law. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to
grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the
copyrights, patents, or patent applications of Motorola or any third-party software provider,
except for the normal, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use that arises by operation of law
in the sale of a product.
Safety, Regulatory, & Legal

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