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Android Wear App; Initial Setup - Motorola Moto 360 User Manual

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• "Will it rain today?"
• "What is the status of United flight 930?"
• "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?"
• "How may Canadian Dollars are in a Euro?"
• "Wake me up in 30 minutes."
• "When is my next meeting?"
• "Open the Calendar app."
Turn-by-turn navigation instructions on your wrist—what could
be easier?
Just tell your watch where you want to go. Then let the
step-by-step navigation instructions in the watch display guide
you to your destination.
Tip: Navigation instructions that you set up on your phone will
also appear in your watch display.

Android Wear app

Initial setup

After you've paired your phone and watch (see "Download &
connect" on page 4), use the Android Wear app on your
phone to set up some basic watch features.
Android Wear
Touch Apps
at the top to adjust watch settings.
Moto 360
Turn on watch notifications
To display notifications on your watch,
select the Android Wear checkbox.
Voice actions
Choose services to use for these actions on your
Call a car
Browse compatible apps
to launch the app, then
Watch a tutorial, find
answers, talk to someone,
send feedback, & more.
Adjust watch settings.
Disconnect your watch.
Android Wear app

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