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Crossover Network; Channel Level - Pioneer VSX-RS320-k Operating Instructions Manual

Audio/video multi-channel receiver.
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The System Setup menu
• Center (C) – Select LARGE if your center
speaker reproduces bass frequencies
effectively, or select SMALL to send bass
frequencies to the other speakers or
subwoofer. If you didn't connect a center
speaker, choose NO (the center channel is
sent to the other speakers).
• Surround (S) – Select LARGE if your
surround speakers reproduce bass
frequencies effectively. Select SMALL to
send bass frequencies to the other
speakers or subwoofer. If you didn't
connect surround speakers choose NO
(the sound of the surround channels is
sent to the other speakers).
• Subwoofer (SW) – LFE signals and bass
frequencies of channels set to SMALL are
output from the subwoofer when YES is
Choose the PLUS setting if you
want the subwoofer to output bass sound
continuously or you want deeper bass (the
bass frequencies that would normally
come out the front and center speakers are
also routed to the subwoofer). If you did not
connect a subwoofer choose NO (the bass
frequencies are output from other

Crossover network

• Default setting: 100Hz
This setting decides the cutoff between bass
sounds playing back from the speakers
selected as LARGE, or the subwoofer, and bass
sounds playing back from those selected as
It also decides where the cutoff will
be for bass sounds in the LFE channel.
1 If you can't get good bass results, listen to the bass response with the subwoofer set to PLUS and YES or the front speakers
set to LARGE and SMALL alternatively and let your ears judge which sounds best. If you're having problems, the easiest option
is to route all the bass sounds to the subwoofer by selecting SMALL for the front speakers.
2 For more on selecting the speaker sizes, see Speaker setting on page 32.
3 After the volume increases to the reference level, test tones will be output.
4 • If you are using a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter, take the readings from your main listening position and adjust the level
of each speaker to 75 dB SPL (C-weighting/slow reading).
• The subwoofer test tone is output at low volumes. You may need to adjust the level after testing with an actual soundtrack.
• You can change the channel levels at any time by pressing
CH SELECT and CH SELECT +/– on the remote control. You can also change the channel levels by pressing
then TEST TONE. In this case, use the / buttons to select the channel and use the / buttons to adjust the level.
Select 'X.OVER' from the SP SETUP menu.
Use / to choose the frequency cutoff
Frequencies below the cutoff point will be sent
to the subwoofer (or LARGE speakers).

Channel level

Using these settings, you can adjust the overall
balance of your speaker system.
Select CH LEVEL from the SP SETUP menu.
Use / to select a setup option.
• T. TONE M – Move the test tone manually
from speaker to speaker and adjust
individual channel levels.
• T. TONE A – Adjust channel levels as the
test tone moves from speaker to speaker
Confirm your selected setup option.
The test tones will start after you press ENTER.
Adjust the level of each channel using /
If you selected T. TONE M, use / to switch
The T. TONE A setup outputs test tones in the
following order (depends on speaker settings):
L  C  R  SR  SL  SW
Adjust the level of each speaker as the test tone
is emitted.
first and then starting the following operations:
first and


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