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Frigidaire Ottawa FORF-1/0340 Instructions & Operating Manual page 3

Retro style floor standing electric fireplace
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properly fits into the outlet before each use. During use, make sure the fireplace plug does not
overheat. If necessary, have a qualified electrician check and / or replace the wall outlet.
24. Do not place the fireplace near a bed for objects such as pillows or blankets can fall off the bed and
be ignited by the fireplace.
25. Never clean this fireplace while it is plugged in. To disconnect, turn control to OFF, then remove the
plug from the outlet. Never pull the cord. Always hold the plug firmly and then remove from the
26. This fireplace is intended for supplemental heat and / or decorative purposes. Continuous use for
several hours can impact the performance and life of the fireplace.
27. It is not intended to be used in commercial, industrial or agricultural settings.
28. Do not use outdoors.
Getting Started
Remove the fireplace from the box.
Remove the packaging. Place it inside the box or safely dispose elsewhere.
Package Contents
Electric Fireplace
Instruction Manual
Retro style floor standing electric fireplace
Realistic Logwood Flame Effect
Dual heat settings (750Watts / 1500Watts)
Operates With & Without Heat (Flame Only)
Adjustable flame brightness
1500 Watts
Built-in overheating protection, auto safety shut-off
Cool touch housing
Opening Front Door Design
Portable design
No assembly or hardware needed. Simply plug & heat
Quick Reference Guide
Prior to installation, please ensure that the voltage and capacity of your power outlet is
compatible with your fireplace.
Your fireplace may emit a slight, harmless odor during its first use. This odor is a normal reaction
caused by the initial heating of internal fireplace parts and it will not occur again.
It is normal for fireplace to make a rattling sound for a short duration of time during its first use.
If your fireplace does not emit heat, please ensure the fireplace switch is on. For further
information, please refer to the Troubleshooting section of this manual.



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